3D Dot Game Heroes – A 2D game revitalized!

3D Dot Game Heroes – A 2D game revitalized!
5.0/5 Review Score:

Got tired of your FPShooters, high structured puzzles and battles to solve? Why not take a break and let the past games take over? Actually, why not let an adventure, colorful and dynamic game be your another option for gaming? 3D Dot Game Heroes, launched in 2010, was launched with the proposal to make an old game look beautiful. It’s like playing a game from the 80’s with graphics from the 21st century. I know, you’re confused, right? Let me review the game for you, then.

A long time ago, there was a peaceful 2D kingdom called Dotnia! People led their peaceful lives by the protection of the six magical orbs and their sages. No harm could ever be done to the kingdom, while the orbs were kept in protection. Well, of course things went wrong and a Dark King took place in the story! He stole the orbs while capturing the sages. Then a hero arrived, defeated the Dark King and restored peace to Dotnia. He sealed the Dark King inside a Dark Orb so he could never scape, and the legend was praised for many, many years.

But after that “many, many years”, people began to forget about Dotnia, well, who can respect a 2D kingdom after all? The king then turn the world in 3D and after that the Dark Orb was stolen and monsters began to roam freely! Sad, huh? Well, time for a new hero to appear! As soon as the game begins, it’s Create Your Hero Time! I surprisingly find myself spending hours creating a hero dot-by-dot. The game takes you back to 2d graphics – evolved to 3D. That means you’re going to look at the graphics and see each dot the characters have, it’s super cool. Any resemblance to Zelda: A Link To The Past it’s not a merely coincidence. Your hero can count on his holy sword, a shield, a boomerang, bow, bombs… But there’s MUCH more to get in this game than you can ever imagine. Lots of weapons, upgrades and companions. Yeah, you can even find fairies to help you in your adventure!

Sunset in the Deserts of Dotnia

What a nice sunset in the Deserts of Dotnia!

When picking this particular game for a review I was thinking about where the errors or sad parts are. And I could not find it. It has a cheerful and involving music, colorful graphics full of incredible light and water effects, good AI and very well connected map. Your mission is basically to find the imprisoned sages, and the game gets more interesting for each one you find. Lots of side quests and mini-games will help you, as they grant you special items and power ups. Quests like “Oh, please find me a…” or “Go tell him I need to talk to him later”, they are going to keep you busy, believe me. The game-play is very fluid and you can actually feel the sword in your hands, by rotating the right analog stick you swing your sword all around!

I'll book you!

Now get to the reading, monster!

For the bosses, the game follows the old way of dungeons: keys and puzzles to solve, enemies lurking around and keeping you busy, switches, chests and stuff. It’s very clever how they could turn an old school stereotype to a new awesome game! Oh, about the trophies? You know I always talk about trophies, so here we go. The trophies support is also a great addition, they can push your limits to higher levels and this games makes it pretty hard to do so. Of course there are those story-related, but for platinum – you’ll have lots of challenges to solve, unlockables and even different outcomes for your adventure!

As a tribute to Zelda, amazing graphics and music, fluid game-play, nice sense of humor, lots of items and power ups, I give this amazing masterpiece a score 5 out of 5!

3D Dot Game Heroes – A 2D game revitalized!, 10.0 out of 10 based on 3 ratings
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