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A review of Fez(PC) - GripYaJoystick

Fez PC Review

Fez PC Review

Fez is an puzzle/side-scroller and coming from the Xbox 360. It was developed by Polytron, Let’s take a look at the new pc version.

You begin your journey as Gomez, an ordinary  person in his little village but  soon his whole world gets shattered as he’s shown the world in a new world, a new dimension where before his village  was in 2d, it is now being cast to him into an impossible 3d and he can now  freely use this added dimension to his will. The goal of Fez is to collect 32 cubes, which have been scattered around the world , to rebuild the Hexahedron and if that is not done Gomez’ world will be torn apart Now Fez is a year old Xbox 360 game now ported over to the pc and the porting part where show right of the bat. Looking at the start screen you see the little (A) button regardless if you are using an controller or not and most of the actual controls are shown for an Xbox 360 controller, again even if you aren’t using one. Now the gameplay is quite fun and I found myself getting hung up in finding the little fragments of the cubes, making it a pleasant experience. Now back to the controls. It’s almost impossible to use the stock controls for the keyboard and I have to recommend using a controller be it Xbox or ps3. If you don’t have one of those your going to have to remap your settings. Enough about the controls already!! The game also has some art, and for Fez the 8bit themed art fits good in the side scrolling part of the the game. It has some unique styles that I found quite pleasing to watch and made the experience.

one of the earlier levels in Fez
Now the gameplay is very fun and can be challenging at times, finding out where to jump, using the right side of the map and so on and it doesn’t get boring even though you are practically doing the same thing over and over, but since the variety of the playing field is so great its hard to not get into the game. The replay-ability is not that good, as I said earlier its just finding out where some cubes are but the first run is always very fun. Also you could always speedrun it, great possibilities there. It also has a great soundtrack and its very fun to listen to, even on an regular bases. The soundtrack can be bought for $7 at www.disasterpeace.com/album/fez The game will become avalable on the 1st May 2013 for the PC. You can pre-order it on GoG or Steam.

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