A Virus Named TOM: It’s gonna infect all of us!

A Virus Named TOM: It’s gonna infect all of us!

No, wait, please don’t leave our site, it isn’t infected! Well, at least not with other kinds of virus, but we sure got infected with A Virus Named TOM! This little destruction machine is going to turn your PC into a war zone of circuits!

In a future not so far away, Doctor X created a City of Tomorrow! He re-invented all city’s machinery and made people’s lives easier. Well, until he got declared as crazy by an evil organization, the Megatech, so they could take over his inventions! But he soon came with another invention that could turn the tide to his favor… If he can’t have his masterpieces… nobody would! He created TOM, a remote controlled virus, to infect all the City of Tomorrow and put an end to Megatech’s ambition.

The game has single player campaing, unique multiplayer campaign levels and an outstanging versus mode. All beautifully presented and available right from the start. Take a look at those images we got for you!
The City of Tomorrow 2 players! 4 players gaming! Upgrading TOM!

So, for all those who’ve been patiently waiting for a game where you get to play as a computer virus, created by a vengeful scientist, which destroys a ‘Jetsons’ like retro-future utopia, your time is finally at hand. A video for you!

Listen to the game music at http://www.misfitsattic.blogspot.com.br/ and give TOM a try!


A Virus Named TOM: It’s gonna infect all of us!, 10.0 out of 10 based on 3 ratings
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