Alice Madness Returns review

Alice Madness Returns review
4.0/5 Review Score:

I have not had the luxury of playing American Magee’s Alice. But if you haven’t either, when you purchase a new copy of Alice Madness Returns you will get a code for a free download for American Magee’s Alice. So, with that being said, I opted to play Alice Madness Returns first and I have to say, it is a fantastic game with a couple of minor flaws.
The story picks up shortly after the end of American Magee’s Alice, so if you haven’t played that yet I would suggest doing so. As Alice Madness Returns opens, Alice is sitting in a doctor’s office while he attempts to erase her memory. He is attempting to erase the memories of a fire that killed her entire family and left her horribly burned. While he does this, Alice watches the wonderland that she remembers, slowly being destroyed by an evil force. She must fight through this ruined version of wonderland to reclaim her memory. There are plenty of twists and turns to be had here and by the end you will be shocked.

Alice Madness Returns is chock-full of platforming, combat, and puzzles. The platforming is solid, for the most part. It seems that later on in the game the air vents that you use to get to higher spots don’t like to catch you as consistently. Also, from time to time you can walk on an invisible platform and you seem to get pushed off or fall through it. It’s annoying to jump to a narrow invisible platform and almost  fall through it. The combat is what I loved about Alice Madness Returns. Yes it is repetitive but, it is one of the best aspects of the game. The one thing I didn’t like about combat is, that you cannot jump and attack a the same time. But that is not a big deal at all. You get four different weapons of which to attack with: the vorpal blade, your quickest form of attack, a hobbyhorse, your heavy attack, a pepper grinder, which serves long range and light attack, and the tea pot cannon, which is your heavy long range attack. You can upgrade all of your weapons up to four times with teeth that you collect from fallen enemies and objects you Alice Madness Returnsdestroy in the environment. As you upgrade weapons most of them change the way they look, so by the time all are upgraded they look sinister.

The puzzles you will come across are fairly easy. You have a picture type puzzle where you have to slide the tiles around to make a picture. There is a chess puzzle where you move your piece and a piece on the opposite side moves the same way. With these you have to watch out for knights as they will destroy your pieces. There is a music type puzzle that makes you play music notes by pressing the correct buttons on your controller. Finally not so much a puzzle but each chapter has about two slide sections in it. The slides are easy but they just get annoying. By the last chapter I was tired of making Alice avoid fire traps and collecting teeth on these things.

Each of the five chapters have a number of things for Alice to collect. From memories and bottles to pig snouts and radula rooms. The memories help piece together past events. Pig snouts help reveal platforms to get to locations otherwise unreachable. Radula rooms are the things you want to keep an eye out for. There are four rooms in each chapter starting in chapter 2. The rooms consists of answering riddles from the Cheshire cat or defeating a group of enemies. Upon completion you earn a jar of rose Alice Madness Returnspaint, collect four and gain another rose petal for your health bar. After completing Alice Madness Returns you can start a new game+ and go through the game with all of your upgraded weapons.

With all the puzzles, amazing story, and the great, although repetitive, combat Alice Madness Returns is a game that you should definitely pick up new. Plus you get a free copy of American Magee’s Alice with it and you can’t really beat that.


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