Alien Hive – Blitz Mode

Alien Hive – Blitz Mode

Appxplore today announced Blitz Mode, a lightning-fast action variant of their mobile puzzler Alien Hive that gives players just 60 seconds to rack up high scores. Available now as a free update to the iOS and Android apps, Blitz Mode drastically alters Alien Hive’s strategic gameplay, instead presenting a combo-filled time trial experience. It’s essentially a brand new game within the game. Appxplore’s other mobile puzzler Sporos has officially surpassed two million downloads and is temporarily free on iOS. The game also received a new Exploration Lab. In it, the new Jumper Cell adds the ability to teleport and transfer infections from one point to another, challenging players to hit targets using this portal. On top of all this, Appxplore is offering a variety of freebies and discounts on both games. Check out the next evolution of Alien Hive with Blitz Mode, available now for iOS and Android.

To celebrate Alien Hive’s Blitz Mode and the Sporos Exploration Lab, developer Appxplore is throwing a huge sale May 15-18th. Highlights include:
Sporos iOS price drop – premium version now completely free
Alien Hive for iOS and Android – permanent boosts half off, now just $0.99

  • Energy Amplifier lets players start with 200 energy, for double the moves
  • Gold Booster doubles the in-game gold you earn, while cutting the cost of purchases in half
  • Both boosts are permanent, and also remove ads within the game

Alien Hive in-app gold purchases are also discounted. Chest of Gold $49.99 -> $24.99, Box of Gold $19.99 -> $14.99

The next evolution of Alien Hive just hatched: Blitz Mode offers faster, more fluid action with a combo-heavy spin on the sliding-tile gameplay.


As it happens I’ve actually been playing Alien Hive for a good couple of weeks now, I’m still no good at it though and have only evolved things to level 3… with the constant reminder that there’s many more creatures to discover. Have you played this addictive and yet (slightly) infuriating game? Let us know in the comments below.

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