Anomaly 2 Closed Beta PREVIEW

Anomaly 2 Closed Beta PREVIEW

When I first pick up a game, the first few minutes are really important to capture my attention. Think we can blame my ADD for that. So let’s talk about Anomaly 2.

I love the intro video. Full of Mech action! Brings me back to the likes of BattleTech which was my first Mech game. And also reminded me of the Pacific Rim trailer (view it here). I wanted to find out more about this game after just the first few seconds.

Firstly the graphics for what is going to be an easily affordable game (around $15 USD at launch) are great, loved the 3D effect of depth with the mountains and the level of detailing was nice and clear. My old computer ran it totally fine with a 4 year old 9800gtx graphics card and a duel core chip, whilst running Bandicam on a hard-drive that was 35% fragmented no less (a shall prey forgiveness from the gods of intel).

Into the gameplay. The mechanics of Anomaly 2 are solid, the controls are quick to acclimatise too with nice big buttons. I have a small niggle which is I wish the name of the towers turned up under the images. Maybe it’s just me but I found it difficult to connect the names of the towers with the icons, though I’m sure a younger brain will link them together quicker than I did. Loved the towers. Such a simple system to learn which you can them make as complicated as you wish with different towers having different area effects.
Here is my little video for you guys.

Stay tuned for my full review of Anomaly 2 with details on the multiplayer aspect of what is looking to be an awesome tower defence game which you can advance order NOW at for a special discount.

Gordon The Gamer.

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