Review: Anomaly Warzone Earth

Review: Anomaly Warzone Earth
4.0/5 Review Score:

One great tower attack game just came to the PlayStation Network and should be definitely checked out. Anomaly Warzone Earth was previously released for PC, Mac and iOS in 2011, then Android on January, 2012, X-Box Live on April and now it is finally available on the PlayStation Network! Watch the official trailer right below:

In the near future (actually it is not so far away, the year is 2018), Earth finally received some… guests from outer space. Two giant spaceships’ debris landed on Earth and a strange anomaly began to appear. Their crash initiated some kind of radiation and alien towers began to rise from the ground, destroying the little that remained after the incident. There was no clue of what was really happening, and humanity had no chance of retaliation. The only thing that was known until then, is that the only way to understand the anomaly… was to infiltrate it! And this is where the 14th platoon comes to help. You will be the commander of an attack squad of super advanced technology. The only man crazy enough for walking on the warzone has some special abilities that are going to make the whole difference in the war against the unknown. Just as you entered the anomaly on Baghdad, your path will be of war and destruction. The aliens constructed giant towers for attacking your squad and preventing you to go any further.

tower attack ofense anomaly warzone earth tower attack route map anomaly warzone earth baghdad anomaly warzone earth transport airship

The game has quite the presentation, with a beautiful yet simple intro, and then with some cool animations along the story. At first you can select the Story Campaign – which is the recommended path for you to follow and get to know all the game features, the Local Co-op mode, the settings, and the game leaderboards. What I found really cool in the story campaign is how the mystery evolves. It is quite confusing at first, because the story have lots of pending stuff to understand, and this “debris falling from the air” thing is not actually an excuse for such a massacre… but as you progress you can get more info on that and the game puts you right into the action. In the first level you will experience a brief tutorial, which is actually a hands-on. You just learn to play by playing it and listening to your general advices. There are basically three things you have to master to be a good commander:

  • Plan your route: By pressing triangle you can access the level map, as shown on the second picture of this review. It is very wise to spend some time evaluating a good route for your squad to take. As the tide of battle can change either for your luck or not, it is always a good idea to check the path your squad is taking as you can anticipate the outcome;
  • Buy your squad: There are many types of war machines that you are going to have at your disposal. Of course they are limited to how far you’ve gone in the story, but matching your squad configuration with your style is crucial. There are missile launchers – the most powerful attack, but weakest armor, APCs – weak attacks but a good armor factor, and some other tanks that are going to make you think strategically for the best suited for your destruction appetite;
  • Maintain your squad: During the intense action, your units will rely totally on your command. They are not going to repair themselves, neither flee from battle, or take a route you have not told them to. So you will have to make the most of the items you have, and help your squad to get through the towers safely.

anomaly warzone earth ability anomaly warzone earth decoy abilityanomaly warzone earth hacker tower

There are four abilities you will be able to use to carry on your mission successfully. They are all stationery, so they are activated at exactly where you are when using them. Each one has a duration period and a specific range. The repair, for instance, has a small range and a short duration, so you have to plan it wisely, focusing on your damaged units. The fog is most useful when you use it close to the towers, just after your squad. When your units get to the towers’ range and also inside the fog, the enemy will fire blindly,¬†giving you time to destroy them. There’s also the decoy, which is a fake unit that attracts enemy fire, and the air raid, that everybody loves deeply. Instant massive damage, right to your desired target area. All of them can be used anytime by pressing “X” in the are you need it activated. Whenever you clear a level you will be awarded a medal and points for a fast route, kill count, units lost, etc. But it is actually strange (and frustrating) not to know exactly what time, score or kill count to achieve for the gold medals!

Along with the story campaign there is also the local co-op mode, when the game really get beyond the awesomeness. I have figured 11 Studios did a great job when I found myself planing my squad route and configuration with my older brother. As the first player have the responsibility of the squad formation, the second takes the role as the route commander. This worked out pretty well, because it gives power to both of the players, and the rest of the strategy is up to you! Each one controls a commander in the field of battle, and the both can active the abilities, but there is another cool feature here. For the four abilities available in the game, each player has two maximized and two minimized. That means the first commander is a great repairman, but lacks the power of the second player air strike. And also means that when both commanders uses the fog, it gets bigger and with a longer duration! In the co-op mode you confront wave after wave to destroy Generators in the given time. Select the better and faster route, and you will be safe. Select the hardest, and more rewarding, and you will be rich – or massacred!

anomaly warzone earth combo anomaly warzone earth generator anomaly warzone earth cover

The game music is simple, but gets you very involved and changes with the game tension. But for the closing comments, I would like to argue about two points, because I found them quite disturbing. First, the war scenario – sand colored and with radar effects on the abilities, will slowly beat up your eyes. You will like it a lot at first, but as you progress through the story, or play the game for some time, you will begin to get sick of it, and wanting more graphic filter options… but there are none. And the second sad thing is another graphical issue you can’t get rid of. The units and towers borders. A thick blue/red border that envelopes the game units/towers and will also hurt your eyes and get you desperate in dangerous times when you get shot from all sides and need to use all your abilities.

Those aspects – adding that lack of medals orientation – can’t really disapoint you, but they can make your gameplay a bit painfull sometimes. But the game is very original, captivating and fun to play that it trully deserves my “Must-have” indication and a 4 rate out of 5!

Review: Anomaly Warzone Earth, 10.0 out of 10 based on 1 rating
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