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  • Thunder Wolves Announced!

    0 CommentsPosted by on September 7, 2012 under News
    Ubisoft has just made an awesome announcement. There’s a new game coming up, and it’s not your generic first person shooter, nor it is one of those standard sports game that 6 months after the release you are going to trash it, or sell it for 5 dollars. It’s a chopper game, oh yeah! Well, Thunder Wolves is about driving towards destruction and raging war against global terrorists. You can pi... more.
  • Review: Anomaly Warzone Earth

    0 CommentsPosted by on September 4, 2012 under Reviews
    One great tower attack game just came to the PlayStation Network and should be definitely checked out. Anomaly Warzone Earth was previously released for PC, Mac and iOS in 2011, then Android on January, 2012, X-Box Live on April and now it is finally available on the PlayStation Network! Watch the official trailer right below: In the near future (ac... more.
  • Review: Orcs Must Die! 2

    1 CommentsPosted by on August 30, 2012 under Featured, Reviews
    Have you ever heard of tower defence games? It's quite normal for the developers to come up with new gaming styles and features, and nowadays you can actually find a lot of tower defence games, but you want to know why we chose this one, right? Orcs Must Die! 2 is like an updated version of the tower defence games you've been playing these days. It's not like a build-and-watch and you won't get an... more.
  • Review: Little Big Planet

    0 CommentsPosted by on August 30, 2012 under Reviews
    Imagine you have the power of creation, to shape a whole planet by the power of your imagination, then put some life on it and play with friends from all over the world... that sure would be awesome, right? Actually this game was already made, and it's called Little Big Planet! By the time you are reading this article you may have already noticed Sony launched Little Big Planet, Little Big Planet ... more.
  • Review: Castlevania Lords of Shadow

    0 CommentsPosted by on August 29, 2012 under Reviews
    Year after year we hope Konami will release another Castlevania game, that will have earned the right to be called one of the Castlevania family, and here it is! Castlevania Lords of Shadow is not only an amazing hack 'n slash game, but is also the missing piece to the puzzle of this great franchise. Regardless if you're an experienced gamer or have never played a Castlevania game before, you ar... more.
  • Review: Unmechanical – A Sad Story

    4 CommentsPosted by on August 19, 2012 under Reviews
    When I first got my hands playing Unmechanical I've thought – that’s OK, the story is coming soon, maybe after I solve this first puzzle. Then I've noticed there was no “Menu” of any sort. Well, that was after I had also noticed that the intro had already passed after the first 2 minutes of the game and I didn't even care enough to notice it. Let me try to explain how a brilliant idea can ... more.
  • Review: Symphony – Enjoying Gaming and Music!

    1 CommentsPosted by on August 17, 2012 under Reviews
    Two things I love the most while on my computer in playing games and listening to music. When I've played Symphony it was like love by the first... listening! It’s like a musical shooter, that is a vertical shooter while playing music. I know it’s confusing, but let’s talk about innovation and the best replay factor I've ever see. First time you actually enter the game it will scan your... more.
  • Review – Runaway A Twist of Fate

    1 CommentsPosted by on August 15, 2012 under Reviews
    The third game of the Runaway franchise by Pendulo Studios, Runaway A Twist of Fate shows us how entertaining and evolved a point-and-click adventure can be. The first two versions came to north america by 2003 and 2007 respectively. First for PC only, then the second version got directed to Nintendo DS and Wii, too, and this third game came for the DS and PC. Let’s have a closer look on it, the... more.
  • Review: The Book of Unwritten Tales

    0 CommentsPosted by on August 10, 2012 under Featured, Reviews
    Do you remember some masterpieces such as Full Throttle and Day of the Tentacle? Point-an-click games just got leveled up with this awesome game, The Book of Unwritten Tales! Travel through this fantasy world and help restore peace once and for all! This production by Nordic Games and King Art Games tells us about a gremlin archaeologist named Mortimer MacGuffin, who made an important discovery... more.
  • The Last Guardian for PS3

    0 CommentsPosted by on August 10, 2012 under Featured, News
    For some Sony fans this might be sad news, but let's take a closer look and think straight, not emotionally. The trademark "The Last Guardian" just went abandoned by Sony in August, 6th. The former executive producer Yoshifusa Hayama left the company, followed by Fumito Ueda - creator and design leader of the masterpiece Shadow of the Colossus. Time to cry, Sony! According to the Trademarkia o... more.
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