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  • Clan Of Champions Review

    3 CommentsPosted by on October 30, 2012 under Reviews
    Clan of Champions is a little different then I thought it would be. I was thinking it would be kind of like a open world person vs. enemy type of game. I was wrong. It is a game where you and either 2 friends or AI run through levels, defeat enemies and collect loot. The game starts off by giving you a some of the story to read before you get to the title screen. After this you get to make your... more.
  • Mugen Souls Review

    3 CommentsPosted by on October 30, 2012 under Reviews
    Mugen Souls is a beautiful RPG rated T for teens. I suggest that rated be followed by parents as this game has some humor not intended for younger audiences. Seven worlds shining in seven different colors. Yellow, shining sun world, Orange, glowing moon world, Red, vivid fire world, Indigo, frosted water world, Green, tropical tree world, Blue, advanced metal world, and Violet, earthen soil wor... more.
  • Review: Endless Space

    0 CommentsPosted by on October 30, 2012 under Reviews
    Games come in many flavors, whether it be the bittersweet ice cream that is the common FPS, or the luxurious and much sought after chocolate bar known as the RPG. They all share one thing in common, and that is they are found on all platforms in one way or another. However, one of the more mysterious and hardcore genre is the 4X. Literally translated to Explore, Expand, Exploit and Exterminate, th... more.
  • iPhone App: No Zombies Allowed!

    0 CommentsPosted by on October 25, 2012 under Reviews
    I know, "Another zombie game? Come on!". But hey, take a look at this one, because the guys from Booyah, Inc just came up with an awesome idea. No Zombies Allowed is a free app for iOS that you should definitely check it out. First of all, watch the trailer below: Well, what's the point of playing zombie games, anyway? As a matter of fact, none of us get too much excited about any game that com... more.
  • Review: Intel Discovered (XBLA)

    1 CommentsPosted by on October 22, 2012 under Reviews
    Sponsored by Intel, Intel Discovered is not a "game", so to speak. Sure, you "play" it and there's a score, but it'd classify as more a Kinect-enabled quicktime event than a full interactive experience. I'd definitely classify it as more of an "interactive film". But, this is in no way a bad thing. It's still an entertaining, though VERY short, experience.     The premise is sim... more.
  • Review: Fable III (X360)

    0 CommentsPosted by on October 18, 2012 under Reviews
    Game worlds are always interesting. Sometimes you have to traverse a large, dangerous world to save a princess from some monster or sometimes you have to take out an evil, world-threatening force. And sometimes, you have to give royal decrees in a chicken suit before having an orgy and then murdering the participants and the surrounding village while pointing and laughing at all the orphans. This ... more.
  • iPhone App: Duke Nukem Soundboard

    0 CommentsPosted by on October 11, 2012 under Featured, Reviews
    This one is the first of my upcoming series of Free App for iPhone series, so stay tuned! Searching through App Store I've found something quite cool, a soundboard for the most awesome first person shooter games hero you have ever seen. With his sarcastic charisma, catchy phrases and sex appeal, Duke Nukem made his name in 1996, with the Duke Nukem 3D title. Despite the newest version being a dece... more.
  • Review Rewind: Condemned: Criminal Origins (X360)

    2 CommentsPosted by on October 5, 2012 under Featured, Reviews
    There's a huge lack of true "horror" games in today's market. Sure you could be fighting grotesque monstrosities on Mars, but when your hero has unlimited ammo, a burly hulking physique, and/or an armory that puts Middle Eastern dictatorships to shame, there's not much to fear. Condemned: Criminal Origins is different. Offering genuine creeps and in-your-face gameplay, it represents the horror gen... more.
  • Review: Borderlands 2

    2 CommentsPosted by on October 4, 2012 under Featured, Reviews
    Gearbox Software is back with a sequel to 2010’s critically acclaimed First Person Loot’em Up: Borderlands. Borderlands 2 takes the original premise and expands upon it in every way, shape and form. Bigger world, bigger enemies and of course, bigger guns. Like the original, you are not playing Borderlands 2 for the plot. In fact, if you played the original (which is highly likely) you will ... more.
  • Review: Nexus The Jupiter Incident

    0 CommentsPosted by on October 4, 2012 under Reviews
    Mithis Entertainment released Nexus The Jupiter Incident on November 5th of 2004. There are two great motives we are dealing with a game made 8 years ago, and they are: First of all, the game is awesome! The other motive is that the guys from Mithis Entertainment are promissing the sequel release for this year! If you still haven’t checked out this great game, take a look at this video: h... more.
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