ClaDun X2 Review

ClaDun X2 Review
4.5/5 Review Score:

ClaDun X2 is a fun and time consuming RPG; one of the better dungeon crawlers that I have played this year. But I have to say, ClaDun X2 seems like it should have been out on an older console, such as the super Nintendo.

Your character starts out in a dungeon looking for an exit. After you find the exit you end up in a small town and you don’t know how you got there. Shortly after arriving you find out you were exiled to this town to live forever. As most of the characters you meet in the town are odd, they can be pretty funny though too.

ClaDun X2 has simple style of game play to pick up on. You make your way through dungeons defeating enemies and bosses to find exits. Depending on what kind of characters you create you can attack, use skills, or cast magic. Dungeons are full of treasures that you can collect with items, weapons, armor, or artifacts. You earn money and experience from defeating enemies, however if you die you lose most of the gold that you collect.

Now, on to the kind of confusing part. After you make it through so many dungeons you earn new features to use, such as making an unlimited amount of new characters. These new characters are a must to get anywhere in ClaDun X2. Each character can learn what are called, “magic circles.” The magic circles help your characters gain stats and increase the stats of your main character. You can switch to your main character out side of a dungeon at any time. You need to learn to switch who your main character is on a regular basis. Characters put in your magic circles are used as shields on the battle field. What this means is that they take damage rather then your main character until your sub characters die. The magic circles elements do take a little bit of time to get used to but after you get the hang of it, it seems rather easy.

ClaDun X2 is a very fun game that you will spend lots of time on. It has a lot of features that keep you coming back and playing for a long while. Pick ClaDun X2 on Steam at the link here. I recommend this game for any RPG fans out their.


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