Clan Of Champions Review

Clan Of Champions Review
4.0/5 Review Score:

Clan of Champions is a little different then I thought it would be. I was thinking it would be kind of like a open world person vs. enemy type of game. I was wrong. It is a game where you and either 2 friends or AI run through levels, defeat enemies and collect loot.

The game starts off by giving you a some of the story to read before you get to the title screen. After this you get to make your character, which can be human, elf, or orc, and choose weapon style and other typical character creation type features. After this you get a tutorial section giving you the basics of combat. You then select the first mission. As I have stated your missions consist of you and 2 friends or AI fighting with a number of enemies. After enemies are defeated they drop what they were carrying, you can not pick it up while battling, which litters the field full of shiny objects. The AI is pretty good at fighting off enemies and keeping you safe.

When missions end you select what items you want to keep and your skills and magic level up. Between missions you can make your weapons and armor stronger by combining it with other items you pick up from missions. You can shop for weapons and armor while between missions as well. The skills you receive are based on your fighting style: sword and shield, dual weapons, and bare hand. You can switch fighting styles between missions. You can have 3 different skills and a magic skill equipped at a time. Magic spells range form fire balls to defensive spells.

While the visuals of Clan of Champions are not the greatest, they are decent enough. On a high end computer I would imagine they would look crisp and sharp. One nice thing is if you have a computer controller you can use that to play Clan of Champions. It beats using a keyboard in my opinion.

So between the decent visuals, multiple missions, and other cool features of Clan of Champions you will be busy for a while. If you are an RPG fan I suggest you give Clan of Champions a try. You can find it on steam right now!!!

I give Clan Of Champions a 4/5.

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