Cyberbullying – R.I.P Amanda Todd

Cyberbullying – R.I.P Amanda Todd

This post breaks away from the norm of gaming news and reviews however, cyberbullying is something that’s becoming more and more apparent. Even whilst play xbox, playstation or even the simple facebook games. I used to go into schools and teach about internet safety, how to be protect yourself online, and how to deal with those cyber bullies. Unfortunately not everyone gets to go to these sort of sessions, and feel that what’s happening to them is their fault.

Below is a video, posted on YouTube by Amanda Todd, who recently hung herself as a result of these bullies and their actions. Her Mother has requested that we spread the word about her video, so others can see the effects it can have.

The full story can be found on the mirror website.

Please feel free to leave comments in the section below (please note abusive comments will be removed and IP addresses WILL be passed onto authorities), or on the video. Please also share the video to EVERYONE you know.

This is a problem that’s growing increasingly worse all round the world. If you’re a parent please make sure you speak to your children and let them know they can talk to you about what happens online. For those of you who play consoles and receive messages or feel you are being bullied, please block and report those guilty so this doesn’t happen to you.

May you rest in peace Amanda Todd, so many systems seem to have failed you.

Amanda Todd RIP

  • meh
    October 14, 2012
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    First, let me get this out of the way:

    “please note abusive comments will be removed and IP addresses WILL be passed onto authorities”

    And say what? Someone on the internet was being a poopy head and all mean and stuff? Oh noes. I’m sure they’ll appreciate the waste of their time because of some ten year old numbskull posting an inane comment on your blog.

    Second, if this is all real (it seems suspect — like it’s part of some viral anti-bullying campaign, since anti-bullying and anti-internet stuff is all the rage this year), then it is f*cking hideous, in so many ways and it illustrates not some evil of the internet and not some evil of bullying, per se, but the evil of parents and teachers always looking the other way. This girl made so many blatant messed-up-girl efforts to get attention and the most anyone did was sent her away to another family member?

    And, thirdly, she moved away. To a new school. A new everything. And it seems that the only thing really keeping her down (in her own words) was all of the running commentary from asshats on her facebook profile. Didn’t it ever occur to her to . . . STOP USING FACEBOOK?

    I mean, seriously, if people’s behavior on a social networking tool is ruining your life, then STOP USING IT. You have to go to school. You have to interact with people in person. but you DO NOT HAVE TO USE FACEBOOK.

    But, you know, this won’t be used to do anything useful. It’ll just be weilded as a tool by political muckrakers in various busy-body campaign efforts that want to make calling someone a name on the internet a criminal offense and want to require real identities on the internet, etc, etc. Because, you know, that’s the real problem. It’s always something out there or someone out there. It’s never the teachers who stand by and allow it. The parents who dismiss it. The other parents who dismiss it as “kids will be kids”, because things that adults would never tolerate are just “character building” for kids, as far as they’re concerned. And it’s never the other assorted adults in a kid’s life that don’t get involved and help out. It’s just the big bad internet.

    But I’m talking to a brick wall, here. The most that anyone will bother doing is saying “durp durp bullying is not cool” and then someone will do a “tragic 11 O’clock dramatic news piece” about it and everyone will move on. And parents everywhere will be convinced that the internet is the devil and must be stopped. And then they’ll go back to laughing at people that are different from them and instilling that behavior in their children so they can go on into school and ruin some other kid’s life while teachers and adults look the other way.

    Sending a kid to school these days is a lot like sending them to a torture camp.

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