Dead Island Riptide Review

Dead Island Riptide Review
3.0/5 Review Score:

This current generation is a funny one. Gamer’s cry for sequels upon sequels and when the sequels have drained every last drop of blood and passion from the franchise, the cry for prequels are heard from far and wide. All these games are of course, from an original idea, an original source. What the dying days of this generation really needs are fresh, original ideas that transcend us to the next generation consoles smoothly. We need sign of things to come, a game that set’s the motion for what we can come to expect from a new Playstation or Xbox. Dead Island Riptide is well, not what you would call ‘making that leap forward’. Instead of throwing original and fresh ideas into the mold,  it play’s it safe. It’s not exactly a leap forward for the franchise either. Zombies are about as predictable as anything we have seen in the last eight years. So, what a shame it is that I have to explain to you that this game plays exactly the same as it’s predecessor, which is not a good thing. Zombies are good fun to whack round the head a few times and shooting arms off can pass the time in a good way, but how many times have we seen this? It’s not that Riptide is bad, it’s just that it’s not good either. After the hype and records broken by the last outing, this game almost seems lazy on its behalf.

Ah, when going to a rave was good.

Have you ever played a game that angers you to point that you want the other characters in the story to be digested into massive black hole and disappear? Well, I have now. Voice acting is not my greatest interest when playing current gen games. Swearing in nearly every sentence is tiresome and makes for and irritating ride. The voice acting itself on a whole is absolutely terrible. It’s so bad that I actually thought I was watching a new episode of Terranova. If the voice acting isn’t enough to drive you to the point of despair, then the story line will make you shudder in absolute disbelief. It’s basis is of course, is a conspiracy. Why? Why does it all boil down to this? The game would have shown more direction if you were left to your own devices and the only story was to survive. If you are looking for a smooth, fun and controllable ride that involves bashing zombies into pieces, this is not the game for you. Fancy a mission to go and pick up a random item from the other side of Hanoi? Then this is the game for you. I counted at least eight missions, where be it, you have to go and collect pointless items on the other side of the island just to justify a pure lack of intelligent story writing. Hanoing Hanoi should be the name given to this game. If dumb protagonists and pointless missions aren’t your thing either, don’t hope for any decent combat controls.  While it’s all fun hitting a zombie with a baseball bat with a nail at the end of it ( Silent Hill Style ) until it’s head explodes, expect to do this a few thousand times. The action becomes repetitive and boring. This isn’t helped by the ‘slow’ movement and pace of the game. But, there is hope here. While fans of this game wont be blown away, they will be at least content with the leap forward in melee weapons. The rocket launcher and sniper rifle can be fun, but the brass knuckles with spikes is a blast. But, its modding the weapons that is fun. The game provides the chance for you to scour the island looking for weapon blueprints. Each schematic gives you a chance to locate particular items around the island and combine them to create a super effective zombie killer. For example, a fun and simple way to cut a deal with these walking meat bags is the ‘Saw Disk Axe’. Yes, that’s the technical term for a pole with a circular sword on it. So, off you set to find two circular saw blades, two steel poles, some clamps and bolts. Put them together and you are ready to run around the island like a possessed butcher who has had is sausages stolen from a stray dog. Blunt weapons and toxicity weapons can be made up to help you on your journey. Sonic Pulse Grenade. It makes zombies run around until they have a rare case of the exploding head syndrome, this is exceptionally funny.
Pick pockets. They get everywhere.

If you make it to the end, you won’t be blown away. You may be left feeling confused and wondering why you just paid forty notes for a sequel that has the ‘DLC’ feel to it. It’s not any step up form Dead Island and its obvious that this game could have been bigger.  It’s a shame, because the fact is, being bigger these days is what is expected.  Let’s hope Techland make it to the next generation and of course, change the direction of the games and expand it away from the ‘island’ genre. Lets hope. 

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