Dead Island Riptide – Strategy Guide competition

Dead Island Riptide – Strategy Guide competition

Oh yeah that’s right, we’re having no problems killing zombies because we’ve got our hands on a few copies of the Dead Island Riptide, strategy guide from Brady Games.

Now I’m not saying any of you would need one of these to find all the hidden things, all the blueprints, easter eggs, or even need the tips on how to kill some of the big mother fu**ing zombies you encounter throughout the game, BUT, wouldn’t you just like to win one despite the benefits and help they can offer?

If you would like to win one, head on over to the forums, and suggest a competition, if chosen you could win, if not, then look out for the actual competition – confused? Go take a look before that zombie that’s creeping up behind you bites a huge chunk of skin from your neck.

(for those a little lazy you can find it here)

  • Miss
    April 30, 2013
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    ” There are 4 of you stuck on Dead Island, name your 3 victims or persons who will have your back, could be family members, best friends, gaming & film characters, etc. Who would be in your party of 4. ” 1st posted on FB, but carried it to your website. Excellent giveaway, thank you for a chance. =)

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    May 1, 2013
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    […] Remember guys, we still have a competition going on for a Dead Island Riptide strategy guide, you can find out more info here. […]

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