Dead Island Riptide: Strategy Guide Review

Dead Island Riptide: Strategy Guide Review
5.0/5 Review Score:

What do you use a strategy guide for?

  • Finding those little secrets.
  • A map to reference form.
  • Some trouble with a level.
  • To get that last achievement.

Personally I do not really use them a lot but do use the occasional one if I’m having troubles with the game that I am playing, other then that I try to steer away from them and find things for myself.

Looking at the Dead Island Riptide strategy guide I found it useful for the whole game. I was able to use it with some of the story line and I was also able to use it for tips on killing some of the more difficult zombies.

To start off with in this guide it gives you a little back story with each character, what they did in the past before the first game and their views on the whole thing. you get their basic stats and a couple hints and tips for the best way to improve your character of choice. After this you get a good breakdown of each of the improvable skills for each individual character. This means that you will be able to get to grips with these skill points and then select each one of them so that they benefit your way of playing, so if you are a run and slasher then you will be able to improve you health and stamina so that you will find that you are not taking as much damage.

In Dead Island Riptide you will find that there are lots of different types of zombies, some of them can be a real pain to deal with and because of this the creators of the strategy guide have included a section where it tells you about each of the zombies and an easier way to kill them. This is a really handy section as it means that you can tackle each of the zombies in a way that you are going to always have the upper hand.

in a few of the “Dead Zones” you will find that there is a zombie that has its name in red, this zombie is a little more difficult to contend with. In this strategy guide it gives you advice on how to kill them easier as well as telling you what items can be found in that area. Because of this you will be able to judge if it is really worth going for, most of the time you need to go there due to a mission but other then that the items that you find in these places can be highly beneficial to you at one point or another.

the next massive chunk of this strategy guide is as you would expect, it is the walk through section and consists of a step by step guide of completing the main story line for the game. This section also gives hints and tips on how to take out the zombies in a more effective way then running in and slashing at the first zombie that you see. Another cool addition to the walk through is that it tells you where each of the secret content is as you are following the guide through. This section also covers the side quests of the game too, it gives you the locations of the equipment that you need to find for some of the people located on the island.

Towards the end of the strategy guide you will find a section that lists all of the different MOD’s that are available in the game as well as all of their locations, this means that you will be able to find them and deal a lot of damage with the high powered MOD’s against the zombies. This section also breaks down each one of the MOD’s by telling you what each one requires, its price, as well as a little description on each one of them.

The last section of this strategy guide recaps on the collectibles within the game, each page of this section goes through the different collectible locations and it tells you how to locate each of these collectibles and also gives you the map location of each one too.

Just to round this review off I personally found this strategy guide really useful and was able to complete this game 100% as without this guide i would not of been able to find some of the collectibles. Some of the files where hard to find as they where in the dark or in one case under a bed, but thankfully with the help of this book I was able to fully complete this game.

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