Dead Island Riptide Strategy guide – Winner and New competition

Dead Island Riptide Strategy guide – Winner and New competition

It seems, we’ve been a little busy here at GripYaJoystick HQ, and as such never actually posted the winner, as as such the new competition to win the strategy guides for Dead Island Riptide.

So without further a do… The winner would have been “Wesley Smith” with:

“As you are giving away a strategy guide, why not set the competition up so that people have to come up with their own strategy guide for any zombie apocalypse.”

This seemed like a very apt and fitting suggestion, however, as Wesley has recently joined the team here at GripYaJoystick it would be a tad unfair to let him win it.

Therefore the decision has been made that… Tyler receives a guide for the following suggestion.

“Draw a new character with its skills,backstory and fury or write a story about being a survivor on the island”

Tyler, please get in touch with postal details so we can get your prize sent out to you.

This only leaves one more thing… Submit a comment below with the following;

  • Your ultimate survival guide for a zombie apocalypse
  • Name a special character, list their skills, describe them (hell create an image if you like).
  • How did this character come to be?

After you’ve submitted your entry, you can then receive extra entries for sharing on facebook and twitter.


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  • Andy Easton
    May 15, 2013
    GD Star Rating

    To survive you need the following, transport (preferably a winnibago), weapons, food and someone who’s got your back (my wife – who else?)!

    My character would be, well, me. Just your run of the mill family man. My skills, all learnt in the last 24 hrs since the start of the apocoalypse. I’ve learnt how to steal a vehicle (a big old winnibago) that i’m keeping my family safe in, i’ve learnt how to get in and out of a supermarket in less than 5 minutes (something my wife can’t do). I have a great collection of blunt instruments and garden tools that are my arsenal to take out the undead. I’ve become a character from a video game i play so much, keeping my family safe and taking out my neighbours!

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