Dead Nation: ‘Cause we all love a zombie apocalypse!

Dead Nation: ‘Cause we all love a zombie apocalypse!
4.0/5 Review Score:

Among so many zombie-killing games, would you give it a try at Dead Nation?

Actually, it’s hard to justify paying our hard-earned money these days on zombie shoot ’em up, since Resident Evil is so awesome. BUT, this one looks particularly special in so many ways. With that in mind I’ve decided to write something about it, so you guys get to know exactly what to expect from it.

The first feature to take note of is when you downloaded the game from PlayStation Store (it’s cheap) is watching its amazing intro. Mixing real footage with some nice effects makes you believe the chaos is conceivable. Granted it’s the same old story: Unknown virus spreads throughout the city, people begin attacking each other, riots everywhere, police can’t control the situation and blah blah blah… But you know, everybody loves some zombie massacre!

This 3rd person view shooting game has what we want the most in zombie games: Intense shooting, bodies exploding to pieces, more shooting, things burning, hordes of zombies, exploding cars, ammunition, and yes, shooting! Killing is the prime key in this game, but if you don’t work out a good strategy and stay focused, you’re going to be eaten to death.

It’s basically a ready-to-play game, right from the beginning. There are no training sessions, just some brief tutorials until you get the basics and the rest is up to you. You don’t need to wait through hours and hours of gameplay to finally feel safe. You’ll actually never feel safe and that’s the beauty in this game. There’s always a zombie hiding in a secluded spot to surprise you when you’re just getting relaxed.

There are three types of collectibles in this game that gives some nice boosts in your bloody missions: Gold – wich lets you buy some nice weapons, traps, and their upgrades; Multiplier – that increases your points for your scoreboard; and Amor that can boost your speed, strength, and resistance.

The gameplay is fluid, you get to choose from 2 cool characters, and the buttons configuration is pretty well mapped. For trophy hunters, it’s a cool game to get and very challenging, and it’s an affordable game to get all trophies for its platinum. Basically, you’re awarded for not getting hit, killing as much as you can, finishing the level the quickest way possible, and getting all the loot.

Fight for survival! Hordes of zombies! We are surrounded!

Another cool feature is the music. It really gets you to think, “Oh-oh, why is it getting louder, am I being followed?” – and then you get surrounded by them, in 3 seconds. And if you even get bored with it, you can play your music stored on the Playstation hard drive! Just hit the “home” button and play it, and the massacre soundtrack is yours to define.

There’s also an incredible feature which is the multi-player option. It gets even more awesome to kill those undead with a friend, by your side or somewhere around the world! The zombies get trickier, smarter, and stronger, which multiplies your fun factor and coop skills. Along with the campaign or isolate mission possibilities, online gaming gets even more awesome with some international killing competition! As if we were truly infected all around the world, Dead Nation shows all countries scores based on amount of zombies killed, player number and playing time. You are constantly racing other countries for the title of mostly “cleaned” nation and the nation with the best zombie-killer. The main menu is cool, it feels like a headquarters, where you get some news about what’s going on to the world – LITERALLY!

OK but let’s be honest; there are negative points, because it sure has problems for us to face. The VERY annoying part is the zoom. You may have noticed by the pictures above – taken from the official game site – that your camera view is always far away… But honestly, that is TOO far away! The zombies are pretty well detailed, but the camera won’t go that close so you can actually see their faces. It may make you really bored, but as long as you can get past this problem, it’s an awesome game!

Another point to be mentioned, although it’s not as serious of a problem, is the absence of a genuine boss. They could have presented us with a giant zombie of some sort, but instead of it you get hordes of normal zombies and mini-bosses… But that’s 0k, really! Be sure to check it out and help defend your nation against the infection!

Rated 4.0/5.0

Dead Nation: 'Cause we all love a zombie apocalypse!, 10.0 out of 10 based on 3 ratings
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