Dragon Age – Sex, blood and dragon killing!

Dragon Age – Sex, blood and dragon killing!
3.5/5 Review Score:

If you’re in need of killing some dragons, orcs, goblins and your social life while you’re at it… Dragon Age is your game! Ok, I know it’s not your first dragon game, and it probably is not your first RPG, but it’s definitely worth it. The story is cliché, but it’s so well-made, and the subquests makes it so connected, you’re gonna fall into it like a dragon on an amateur adventurer trying to steal his gold, HARD!

First of all, be aware that it’s impossible to give this game a 15minutes-play, like “Okay, I’m gonna play Dragon Age just a little before going to bed…”. It’s attractive, demanding, AND an involving game. After you choose which class and race you’re going to assume, you have to experience the characters story, face his fears and fight his enemies. That’s right, it gets to the point right from the beginning, but as you develop your character further and the story evolves, things get more interesting and challenging.

You live in the continent of Ferelden, once a beautiful and prosperous kingdom, now suffering from the invasion of the Darkspawn. Those evil creatures seek only chaos and destruction and you are the new hope for their defeat. You’re not alone in this epic fight, you have the strength of powerful allies. The three base classes are thieves, mages and warriors, each one of them with specializations, and that’s when it gets…… special!

Dragon Age gives you the control, the flow of the story and basically who dies or lives! Through actions and answers, your character will be the key to the story – calm down, I’m not a spoiler! – so your judgement will be your best weapon against the horde of Darkspawn. These creatures are pure evil, and your mission is to end their invasion once and for all! The most amazing thing about the game is that Electronic Arts created a whole new world for it, and believe me, it’s enormous! You begin your adventure in Ferelden, a continent of elves, humans and dwarves, each one with their cities, forests or deep caves.

Dragon Age Cover Image Party battle! Mages and warriors going wild! Darkspawn all around us!

Even with a huge world to explore, Dragon Age offers a cool way to travel by selecting a location in your map. You can get more places to go as you begin new quests and subquests, and there are hundreds of them! You get rewarded with gold, equip and experience, so it’s always a great idea to lend some help for the needed. Your allies are a powerful addition to the battlefield and choosing the right combination can be the difference between a bloodbath victory or a humiliating defeat. You can interact with them a lot, and by understanding their needs and points of view, you get more loyalty. Actually you can even get romantically involved, which amplifies the story AND their abilities further.

I can’t say this game is a masterpiece, though, so lets punish EA a little, here. First of all, we need to consider it’s a 2009 game, but that’s no excuse for some graphics issues that can really frustrate a player. People disappearing when going away, lazy NPCs animation and repetitive gestures that make them look REALLY stupid. Also there is an unforgivable lag problem that kills the game play sometimes. Well, playing on a console doesn’t give you the opportunity to boost its memory capabilities, so these lag problems are really a headache!

Intuitive and intense battles, good character customization and leveling up, hundreds of items and gameplay hours guaranteed, poor NPC animations and stupid lags… Let’s give this game a 3.5 out of 5. Dragon hugs!

Dragon Age - Sex, blood and dragon killing!, 10.0 out of 10 based on 4 ratings
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