Bevy of ‘Dragon’s Dogma’ Announcements

Bevy of ‘Dragon’s Dogma’ Announcements

There are new features coming to Dragon’s Dogma, according to Capcom’s official blog, including new modes and a full expansion!

After the complaints that the already-released Easy Mode made an easy game even easier, Capcom has decided to release a new Hard Mode feature. While making the enemies stronger and more difficult, there will also be suitable rewards for those who are brave enough to take on the new mode. There will also be a “Speedrun” mode, challenging players to complete time trials and rewarding them for doing so.

The biggest news is that Capcom will be releasing Dragon’s Dogma Dark Arisen in 2013, a full expansion to the game. No details on whether this is will be a DLC add-on or a separate retail disc or anything else of note, but they did give us a teaser.

Dragon’s Dogma was released back in May, 2012 to positive reviews and sold over a million copies, an impressive feat for a new intellectual property. Keep your eyes here for more news as it comes and check out these screenshots also released.


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