E3 2015: Super Smash Bros. Characters Revealed

E3 2015: Super Smash Bros. Characters Revealed

The challengers just keep popping up! During a special Super Smash Bros.-focused Nintendo Direct video today the Big N revealed that not only would returning fighter Lucas (from Mother 3) be released today, but so would some surprise guests. First up, another returning combatant was revealed in the form of Roy (from Fire Emblem: The Binding Blade), whom fans know hasn’t returned since Super smash Bros. Melee. He’ll cost $3.99/£3.59 on 3DS, $3.99/£3.59 on Wii U, or you can opt to pay $4.99/£4.49 and get access on both platforms.

The BIG news, though, is the announcement that Capcom’s Ryu (from Street Fighter) will be joining the fight. And this isn’t just some normal Smash fighter. You can input Ryu’s classic moves to increase the strength of his attacks. Sure, you can push the B-button and do his signature Hadoken attack. But, pressing down-to-forward + B will create a stronger Hadoken. Pretty cool, yeah? He’s a little pricier, running $5.99/£5.39 on 3DS, $5.99/£5.39 on Wii U, or the combined price of $5.99/£5.39. Why is he more expensive? The price includes his own stage, modeled after Street Fighter II‘s Suzaku Castle.

When can you get your hands on these new fighters? Actually…right now. Nintendo released them the same day they were revealed! Check out the screenshots below and keep it here for your E3 2015 news!










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