Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon

Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon
5.0/5 Review Score:

Far Cry 3 is definitely in my top 10 games of the current gen consoles, delivering a huge environment, a wide customizable arsenal and probably one of the best villains in videogame history. So with the game concluded where can we go from here? How about a completely different direction! Well some absolute genius came up with “Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon” and its protagonist “Rex Power Colt”… a mark 4 Cyber-Commando fighting for humanity in post apocalyptic 2007.

Immediately the controls feel familiar, since “Blood Dragon” is built on “Far Cry 3” this is unsurprising, Everything is the same except, since “Rex” is a $10billion Cyber-Commando, he can run faster, jump further and survive pretty much any fall (a theory I tested at length). There is just as much room for stealth in “Blood Dragon” as there is for balls out action and whichever way you play, it feels natural. The Reload animations are fantastic and equally ridiculous, just tossing shells into the shotgun and spinning a new clip between his fingers before slapping it into the assault rifle are just a few nice touches. Easily the best feature in the game is the right thumb stick… for when clicked down “Rex” flips off who/what ever in his way… when a Game has a button dedicated to giving the middle finger to a giant glowing Lizard that shoots lasers from it eyes, then it IS awesome!

“Blood Dragon” is simply a ridiculous homage to the action Sci-Fi movies and games of the 80’s… The script is masterful, every time-honored cliché from the 80’s used perfectly, from hilarious one-liners to moments of pure cheese and a refreshing conversation on video game violence between “Rex” and “Dr. Darling”.

Everything about “Blood Dragon” is so true to its source material that it fills me full of nostalgia for the movies I loved as a kid. The characters are perfect examples of 80’s action Sci-Fi with the line up consisting of “Rex Power Colt” voiced by 80’s Sci-Fi superstar Michael Biehn, the love interest “Dr. Elizebeth Darling” who bares a striking resemblance to Bridget Nielsen, the token black sidekick “Spider” and moustached villain “Colonel Sloan”. All of these characters just ooze cheese from their mouth holes and are all voiced expertly.

The soundtrack is magnificent; a perfect blend of wailing guitar and punchy synth suspense chords that just scream Terminator… A Rocky style montage to “Never Surrender” and the hilarious sex scene serenaded by synths and super 80’s saxophone complete the long list of 80’s reference material.

Overall the “Blood Dragon” is just brilliant, its fun, cheesey and utterly ridiculous… Unfortunately the humor could be lost on younger gamers due to the source material and the fact that it’s not just a nod to the 80’s but a masterful parody of the movies from that wonderful cinematic era.

If you like fun then this is the game for you… its rude, crude and full to the brim of ass kickery that will have you grinning from ear to ear. So what are you waiting for!? Quit reading like a nerd and download this fucking awesome game and start kicking cyber assholes in their cyber assholes!

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