Full Fat Games – Agent Dash

Full Fat Games – Agent Dash

Full Fat Games announces its move to freemium with the release of “Agent Dash” on iPhone, iPad and Android smartphones and tablets, on August 2nd.

After the acclaimed Flick series of sports games this change to freemium will allow Full Fat to offer an innovative range of casual games, including 3 new unique products over the next two months, to a wider audience.

In the first free to download and free to play title, players must don the tuxedo and run as fast as they can, destroying the bases of countless evil villains, all for Queen and Country!

With casual and challenging gameplay, stunning graphics and hilarious animations, Agent Dash will allow Facebook users to compete and compare scores, aiming to become the #1 Secret Agent.

The most competitive players will be able to boost their performance using a line-up of inventive spy gadgets!

Agent Dash will be available on the App Store, Google Play, the Amazon App Store and the Nook.

I remember playing an older of this when you were running the up side of a building, that in itself was strangely addictive, this however in comparison looks amazing, I for one shall be downloading it, will you?

Agent Dash Agent Dash Agent Dash

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