Guitar Hero Warriors Of Rock Review

Guitar Hero Warriors Of Rock Review
4.5/5 Review Score:

If you love the Guitar Hero series, Guitar Hero Warriors of Rock will blow your mind! It’s definitely a step up from the rest.


If you’ve played any of the Guitar Hero games, you know the soundtrack is always awesome. Guitar Hero Warriors of Rock has one of the best soundtracks of all, so far. If you are a fan of rock and metal, this is the game for you. You get the pleasure of playing songs from great bands like Slipknot, Blue Oyster Cult, Black Sabbath, Rush, Megadeth, Soundgarden, Alice Cooper, and The Runaways, and so many more. After finishing the Quest mode, you get to play even better songs by bands like Children of Bodom, Dragonforce, John 5, Archenemy, Steve Vai, and even more of the Gods of rock and metal.


The graphics are spectacular in this game. If you compare Guitar Hero Warriors of Rock to the first Guitar Hero, it’s far more crisp and clear. Colors are so vibrant and really pop. Redoctane and Neversoft did a great job in fixing previous glitches this time around. I never had the game glitch once, and I play it atleast once a week. There is also a calibrate option in the game, that sometimes you may need to use. The game usually does a great job of self adjusting these on it’s own, but you may find yourself occasionally needing to calibrate the video and audio. Johnny


The modes in Guitar Hero Warriors of Rock are Quest (which is narrated by Gene Simmons of Kiss), Quickplay+, Party Play, Competitive, and Training. You can choose from 5 difficulty levels. Beginner, Easy, Medium, Hard, and Expert. There is a 6th difficulty for some songs called Expert+ with the double bass pedal. Half way through Quest mode you find the ax-guitar owned by the Demigod. You get to play through a 7 part 2112 setlist by Rush (which is also narrated by members of Rush) before you can move on. As you go through quest mode you collect all eight band members so you can help the Demigod battle a beast. After beating the beast, you can play through each venue of the Quest mode with all eight characters and get 40 stars on all the songs. Quickplay+ allows you to play whatever song on the disk or your downloaded content that you want without having to go through the Quest. As you play through the songs on Quickplay+ you get achievements for your great playing. Things like high score, amount of notes hit, and collecting star power will gain you achievements. The amount of achievements will gain you more stars for your play

Party Play mode and Competitive mode was added to Guitar Hero Warriors of Rock after it was introduced in Guitar Hero 5 and so many consumers loved it. Party Play mode allows players to drop in or out any time when someone is playing. Competitive mode allows bands to battle each other. Training helps you master the hard parts of songs or just those songs you can’t seem to beat. They added an import feature to Warriors of Rock: you can import songs from Guitar Hero World Tour, Guitar Hero Smash Hits, Guitar Hero 5, Guitar Hero Aerosmith, Guitar Hero Metallica, and Guitar Hero Van Halen in to Guitar Hero Warriors of Rock. Then you have all the songs on one game. There is an import code for each game that you type in to the shop menu when online. The import code is found on the back of the game manuals. It costs $3-$7 depending on how many songs you desire to import from each game. Metallica is free to import.

So when you just really want to have a rocking good time, this game is the best. The music is loud and hard, graphics are astounding for a simple game like this, and the different modes have so much to offer. So many things to open and unlock in the game. Guitar Hero Warriors of Rock is a great game to play by yourself or with a group of friends.

I give this game a 5/5!!!!

Guitar Hero Warriors of Rock  Austin Judy

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