GYJS Best of 2012

GYJS Best of 2012

Yes, the year (not the world, please) is finally coming to an end. Have you enjoyed your games this year? Have you gripped your joystick for the ones that really stands out among the hundreds of thousands games out there? As I always try to work on the better options out there, actually enjoying every game in the market isn’t an option. I feel responsible, then, to write something about it – how to spend the last days of this year enjoying the best of 2012 we’ve covered so far! Take a look at this 10 masterpiece games I’ve gathered and please feel free to comment!

10th – Enslaved: Odyssey to the West

Do you know what puts me down in this industry? When games are abandoned. There are so much to enjoy from the past games, so many of them to get to know! This one, for instance, have you ever heard of it? Because if you didn’t, take a look at Fire Hawk‘s article, the link is on the game’s name. With hack ‘n slash elements, incredibly beautiful landscapes and a touching story, the guys from Ninja Theory (who made another awesome game name Heavenly Sword) did a great job with Enslaved: Odyssey to the West. You are a tough, very tough guy who needs to scape enslavement from the machines. I can’t really tell you more details about it so I don’t spoil the whole story, but it’s pretty captivating, and as soon as you free yourself from the clutches of the machines’ madness… you find yourself imprisoned once again… to a beautiful red-haired girl. She is also desperate to return home, so she imprisoned you with a special helmet also used by the machines to enslave humanity. By doing so, she forces you to escort her to her hometown… to the West!

If you haven’t played this game yet, and its style matches your preference, be sure to get it before the year ends (not the world, come on!).


9th – Borderlands 2

My friend Adam Carr wrote about this incredible game and rated a 4,5 out of 5. Because it’s awesome! Very smooth animation, pretty graphics and a solid gameplay, this is certainly a must-have. Are you missing a good coop game? Nobody wants to play Dungeon Siege 3 with you? Give it a shot at Borderlands 2, definitely. Read the full article clicking in the game name.


8th – Orcs Must Die! 2

From the evil game studio that makes super addictive games – Robot Entertainment, Orcs Must Die! 2 stands out among all tower-defence games when it comes to diversity. There are a LOT of different traps and strategies for you to come with. The guys from Robot have already released 2 DLCs as far as I know, so if you’re looking for a game with an extended replay factor, you are definitely going to stick to this one.

orcs must die

7th – A Virus Named Tom

Are you a puzzle-lover? Do you remember Pac-Man, remember running for your life, like there is no tomorrow? You don’t? A Virus Named Tom brings back all those incredible memories, multiplied by… I mean, with a virus! You are this cute little virus, and your incredible role as a system devourer is put to the test. Will you be able to destroy the evil society schemes? Will you put an end to the laziness that the future world is coming to? Actually this really seems like today, oh my goddess..

a virus named tom

6th – Shadows of the Damned

When I’ve read my colleage’s (Tears of a Feather) post, I’ve immediately thought “I can’t believe I still haven’t played this game”. With elements from both Resident Evil and Silent Hill (yeah, they are super-scary), this game looks pretty awesome, with good animations and CGs. The violence throughout the game is abusive, just like we like it, and the climate is terrifying. Check it out!

shadows of the damned

5th – Plants VS Zombies

I almost know what you are thinking now: “Ah, come one, another tower defence game?” Yes! And it’s SO worth the 3 dollars. The replay value is huge, I’ve spent a LOT of time playing it and there is still so many things to accomplish! Read my full review in the link above, the game is beautiful, funny and a perfect time killer. It’s available on many platforms. Oh, and why play it before the year ends? Because there is a sequel coming up! Be ready!

plants VS zombies

4th – Trine 2

Our big boss Butty made a pretty good article about this game. I’ve read it again and got very anxious to play this game. The scrolling is very fluid, and the characters interaction is beautifully integrated to the background. Travelling through various puzzles and challenging enemies, your main concern here will be using each one of your comrades powers, so you can get to the end of the journey safely. Beautiful game, for sure.

trine 2

3th – Dragon Age

Fun fact: the game is a 2009 release. Wait, don’t scold me! Let me explain. You certainly are aware of this franchise, don’t you? And if you are an RPG fan you also know that EA is planning the 3rd version for this year, don’t you? One of the biggest storyline I’ve played, Dragon Age: Origins is the very beginning of a huge story. So if you are playing to get the 3rd one, I highly recommend you to play the first game, then the second one. The storyline continues perfectly and what you’ve decided for the first game carries over to the second one! Oh, I wish I could say so much more, but I don’t want to spoil it. Finish this game, go for the second, and let’s cheer for a great sequel!

dragon age: origins

2nd – Castlevania: Lords of Shadow

Yes, Konami, we are waiting for an awesome release for 2013! Since the first game was pretty descent, and the storyline attaches perfectly into its major role in the big Castlevania storyline, Konami is going to release the sequel this upcoming year! Read my review above, get this awesome game so you can follow the storyline. The sequel is very promising, and the first game atmosphere is pretty dark and scary, so it’s definitely a game to play before the end of… the year, come on!

castlevania: lords of shadow

1st – Dante’s Inferno

I don’t know about you guys, but after getting my platinum trophy for these 2 games and watching their awesome endings, they totally went to my most anticipated sequels. Dante’s Inferno is also one of the most awesome games I’ve ever played. I’ve tried to find any flaws to it, but found none. Read my article, the game is worth in every second, and EA is going to release the sequel in 2013. No useful trailers found yet, but the theme is quite promising, so let’s wait for an incredible game, guys! Be sure to play the first game, though!

dante's inferno

That’s it! I hope you guys liked my must-play games for 2012! You better rush, it’s all going to eeeeeend! (the year, buddy)

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