Harms Way Free and EASY 200G

Harms Way Free and EASY 200G

We all like free stuff right? And isn’t free stuff always better with some gamerscore. Harms Way is a game which is not only free but it gives you the easiest 200G you could ever possible imagine.

Harms Way is currently a FREE Xbox Live Arcade game which, has a duo of game styles. You can either opt to be a driver, where you try to race around various tracks ahead of the other racers. If your first at the end of the 3 laps you’ll be awarded the most points. Second and third are also offered placement points, but only if they have finished the race.

The other game style is a shooter. That’s right your expected to lay down covering fire for your racer. There are many turrets placed around the track (don’t worry you get to move from one to the other during the race). The idea of the shooter, is to shoot out the other cars, this can be done by shooting out its tyres, causing enough damage so it explodes, or shooting the driver through the windshield.

For those interested in the getting the game it can be found on the Xbox Live Marketplace where the officially description is as follows;

Harms Way is a fast paced, action packed race where both drivers and snipers need to team up to win the race. As the sniper, you need to blow-up the competition. As a driver you need to finish 3 laps first.

This game truly does have the easiest 200G you could ever imagine, here I shall explain how to achieve this.

Justin Carpenter Achievement 10G

Look at the credits, it’s as easy as that, on the menu, click help and options, then simply click credits, and BOOM 10G.

Turret Downgrade 10G

As a driver drive over a turret downgrade, this looks like a turret and a red arrow, drive over it and BANG 10G.

Turret takeover 30G

As a shooter, shoot and take over another turret, it’s as simple as that, cause enough damage to a turret and you’ll be offered the opportunity to take over it, do so and KAPOW 30G.

Missile-Fest 10G

You do this by having your driver drive through the upgrades (look like the downgrades but green), once this has happened twice, you will be able to select the missile launcher, fire a missile and ZOK 10G.

Mine-Fest 10G

As above once you’ve upgraded a couple of times you’ll be able to select deploy-able mines, do so, and as you fire you’ll see a flurry of mines hit the floor and in doing so will unlock the ZAG of 10G.

Entertainer 10G

Host a multiplayer game for the first time, exactly as it says on the tin, simply go to multiplayer, create a lobby and KABLAMO 10G. Note – You only have to create the lobby for the 10G to drop, you can back out without actually starting the game.

Affiliation 10G

Join a multiplayer game for the first time, again exactly as it says, simply join a multiplayer lobby and ZAP 10G. Note – You only have to join the lobby for the 10G to drop, you can back out without actually starting the game.

One shot kill 30G

Hit the windshield of a driver, easy enough and as it says, simply shoot the windshield and POINNNG 30G.

First Blood 20G

Wreck a driver as a shooter, again there’s writing on the tin, and you simply do as it says, make a driver blow up and BAM 20G.

Flat Tire 20G

Shoot out the tires of a driver, this tin is appearing quite a lot, but this is no different, simply shoot out the tires and POP 20G.

First Win 30G

Simply win a race in single player and ZOOOOOM 30G.

Get Wrecked 10G

That’s right you get rewarded for wrecking your vehicle. Simply make it crash and KABOOM 10G.


That’s it, all 12 achievements which can be done in under half an hour. Remember to come back to the site often to check out new content, and to follow me on twitter (@Butty578).

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