iPhone App: Duke Nukem Soundboard

iPhone App: Duke Nukem Soundboard
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This one is the first of my upcoming series of Free App for iPhone series, so stay tuned! Searching through App Store I’ve found something quite cool, a soundboard for the most awesome first person shooter games hero you have ever seen. With his sarcastic charisma, catchy phrases and sex appeal, Duke Nukem made his name in 1996, with the Duke Nukem 3D title. Despite the newest version being a deception, the game is still enjoyable and I just had to try something in the App Store, so let’s talk more about the Duke Nukem Soundboard.

If you ever got your hands on FPSs from the 90’s, I’m pretty sure you’ve played Duke Nukem 3D. If you haven’t, it’s pretty much 0k, since the app itself is free of charge and you can laugh about it anyway. With over 100 taunts and shouts, you are going to have some real fun with this app. Duke Nukem Soundboard also comes with a sharing feature so you can send notice about it to friends through Facebook or e-mail! There’s a full version that comes with even more stuff from the newest game, Duke Nukem Forever. Me? I’ve just installed the both of them!

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Interested? Enter THIS LINK to know more about the app and download it for free. If you also want the newest version, for Duke Nukem Forever, comment! I have some giveaway codes! Be fast, though, they aren’t gonna be with me forever! ‘Cause only Duke Nukem is Forever!

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