iPhone App: No Zombies Allowed!

iPhone App: No Zombies Allowed!
4.5/5 Review Score:

I know, “Another zombie game? Come on!”. But hey, take a look at this one, because the guys from Booyah, Inc just came up with an awesome idea. No Zombies Allowed is a free app for iOS that you should definitely check it out. First of all, watch the trailer below:

Well, what’s the point of playing zombie games, anyway? As a matter of fact, none of us get too much excited about any game that comes with this idea, because there’s a horde of zombie games out there, and it’s is pretty much knocking on the same door over and over. The story is always the same: an unknown virus spread through the world and just a few bunch of lucky people (lucky?) survived. No Zombies Allowed! is not different as it follows the same stupid background, but the brilliant idea here is how you actually deal with it, and the fun involved. The main objective here is to expand your town and prepare a solid headquarter for the apocalypse survivors. You begin with just a couple of citizens and a deadly sniper shooter. You have the front of your city guarded by this sniper and the back barricaded, so there is no way the zombies can invade your town. Of course this gets a little boring with time, because there is no way you actually lose the game, but if you see it the other way, it turns out pretty cool, instead. By not letting them enter, the game doesn’t get you 24h/day addicted – you can enter and leave the game whenever you like to. Also there is no way to lose your citizens, unless you evict them.

To sustain your town’s citizens and survive the apocalypse, they try to live a decent life by running errands for supplies and selling them among themselves. As you begin building the houses either for accommodation or business intends, the area expands and the “Z” currency flows through supply exchanges. For example, if you build a drugstore you can sell remedies for 200 Zs, by using the supply stock for the exchange. To get more supplies, you have to point your citizen to the local markets. Exactly, the stores located near your home! It uses a mapping interface that locates all the surrounding places for you to use in-game! Any cloth store you like to go? Shopping mall, or dance club? Find it and begin the supply runs! For each one you go, there’s the supply reward, along with some weapons and difficulty unlockables. And everytime your citizen gets home… guess what? The zombies attacks, of course! Can you get rid of them with your truck unscathed?

no zombies allowed cover no zombies allowed! survivors no zombies allowed! zombies no zombies allowed! weapons

Like any other time-based game, No Zombies Allowed! also runs on background, so your survivors continue selling things and the time for the supply keep running. That way, by the time you play the game again, the time you spent offline will count towards all time-based events – rewarding you for the Z coins you earned, and alerting you of supply battles and idle stores.

For the beautiful illustrations and interactive game play, followed by the possibility to play the entire game without paying anything for it, I give this great game a 4.5 out of  5 . Well, I’ve deducted 0.5 by the cliché story and lack of multiplayer interactions.


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