iPhone App: Plants vs Zombies

iPhone App: Plants vs Zombies
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I have to admit, I’ve got addicted to tower defense games since Orcs Must Die! 2, and I’ve been searching for a good alternative for iOS. The answer was pretty clear since Plants vs Zombies is pretty well-known among the tower defense fans. While searching for good games with low cost, intuitive and fluid game play, I have found this one a great choice.

From the pretty well-known PopCap Games, let’s enjoy some more zombies being obliterated by beautiful plants. Here’s my review of Plants vs Zombies here at GripYaJoystick and you will discover why I’ve insisted on writing about yet another zombie game!


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I’m pretty sure you already know this kind of game. Tower¬†defense¬†games became quite popular since 2007 with browser-based games and the upcoming releases for the consoles were just part of the plan. The strategy, replay factor, and somehow the simplicity of the games make them very enjoyable and fun to play. In Plants vs Zombies the concept is pretty much the same: don’t let them invade your tower, I mean, your house! Since you are not a real violent type, you just found out another great way to deal with them without killing your lawn with blood and other trash: plants! Yup, nothing like some pea shooters, angry cabbage catapults, carnivorous plants, and many other zombie-killing plants to do your job. By the way, I highly recommend that you should plant some potato-mines too, they are awesome.

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What you are going to need is some sun power to plant them. Since this is going to be a war, you better be prepared to have some sunflowers. As they generate sun power, along with the sun, you carefully selects the most appropriate plants to deal with your undead threat. There are different costs and attributes for each one of them and the best suited for “killing” the zombies. So that means you are going to have to slow down the fast ones with the freezing pea shooter, block the jumping undead with one wall-nut, explode the bigger ones with the potato mines – or eat them whole with the carnivorous plant, which I love so much. For each level you complete you unlock different plants you need for completing your collection. There are also coins to help you going further in the game and buy minigames, plant upgrades and a nice and calm zen garden. So it is actually a game within a game and much more games to play! This goes for my must-have list for sure, and it is worth buying it.

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