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Join the Team

So you’d like to join the team behind GripYaJoystick? If so you can register your interest below;

Which do you use for gaming XboxLive


Handheld device

Why would you like to join GripYaJoystick
What can you bring to GripYaJoystick
If successful I would like to; Do reviews
Post news articles
Post opinion articles
Create videos
Create walkthroughs
Have a moderator position on the forum
Anything else you would like to do?
Do you have a capture card? Please post links to the following (if you have it) in the order shown; Twitter, YouTube, Twitch, Xbox, PSN, anything else you think may be relevant
You are aware that you are not paid money for work carried out at this time, however you may receive other benefits based on the work you have done I understand I get out what I put in, however money is not an option right now.

Should the form above not work, please email the information to and we’ll take a look at it.

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