KontrolFreeks, FPS Freek Prestige – The Review

KontrolFreeks, FPS Freek Prestige – The Review
5.0/5 Review Score:

I’m a pretty hardcore FPS lover, I love running around and popping a few shots into someones body and watching them fall to the floor. I’m one of those who rarely finishes on a negative K/D, but could KontrolFreeks help me improve? Read this review to find out:

Some of you may have played with me, and unless there is a laggy server will no my reactions are pretty quick, however sometimes I fall just can’t turn fast enough, or I’ve been playing for that long that I’ve started to get pains in my hand (especially the thumb joints).

I’d heard of KontrolFreeks, the hardcore gamers I play with had also recommended them, so I decided to give them a go. For those that haven’t heard of KontrolFreeks, they are little plastic extenders that clip onto your analog sticks.

The official description on the KontrolFreeks website is as follows;

The FPS Freek Prestige was created for first-person shooter fans that desire the winning edge and want to flaunt their kill ratios to the world. A perfect complement to your KontrolFreek arsenal, the FPS Freek Prestige analog stick mod easily snaps on to both PS3 and Xbox 360 controllers and the new, third-party Black Ops editions. And just like our critically-acclaimed FPS Freek, you’ll never want to take them off!

By increasing the length of the analog stick slightly, precision and aim is improved dramatically. A 40% increase in range of motion lets you make smaller adjustments and increases your ability to hit targets much faster. This gives you the advantage of turning up controller stick sensitivities and getting the jump on your adversaries. The greater leverage also offers you better control and less exertion—alleviating thumb-fatigue and adding more comfort during marathon gaming sessions.

In short, this increased accuracy and decreased thumb-fatigue results in higher kill counts. In ultra-competitive games like Call of Duty, you’d be crazy to play without the FPS Freek Prestige thumbstick extenders! FPS Freek Prestige is an absolute must for snipers and users of any long-to-medium range weapon.

KontrolFreeks FPS Freek

Initially it felt odd, my analog stick that normally sits at “this” height, is now sitting half an inch higher, it took a while for my hands to adjust to the height increase but, that being said I definitely noticed a difference in my reaction times. I’d be able to move my sights that fraction of a second faster, which meant I saw the enemy hitting the floor rather than my legs give way from underneath me.

I know some gamers also suffer from sweaty hands making their thumbs slip off the analog sticks. With the FPS Prestige edition, this need not be a worry as it has grips on the top that stop your thumbs from slipping.
For the snipers amongst you (I mean proper snipers not those who quick scope/no scope), or those who find they just can’t quite hone in on the enemy fast enough, these are something your going to want to add to your gaming attire. Despite it initially feeling “odd” that moment passes and you barely notice the difference in the feel of your controller (until you pick up the wrong one).

Are they worth it? – A resounding yes
How easy are they to install? – 30 seconds to get into the package, 10 seconds (max) to clip both onto the controller.
Where do they ship to? They have suppliers all over the world, check out their where to buy page here.
Comfort – 10/10
Ease to use – 10/10
Will I notice a difference? – Yes, you’ll be able to move your sights a lot quicker honing in on the target.
Will it make me Pro? – Afraid not, no one gaming accessory will turn you into a “Pro Gamer” although, they can help you on your journey, it’s down to you and practice (unless your just naturally gifted).

Anything bad about them? If you try to force them on and yank them off the controllers they may break, but if you follow the instructions it shouldn’t be an issue, I’ve taken mine on and off controllers a few times and you wouldn’t even notice it.

Would I recommend them? – Hell yeah, I’m still not quite sure how I used to game without them these in my eyes get a 5/5.

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