Krieg: A Meat Bicycle Built For Two

Krieg: A Meat Bicycle Built For Two

If you thought that maybe since Borderlands 2 is now almost 9 months old (which is almost “old” in modern-games times) you’d be done with new content, you’d be seriously underestimating the folks over at Gearbox Software. In case you missed our previous coverage a sixth Vault Hunter, Krieg the Psycho, was released back on May 14, 2013 for Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and PC in the Psycho Pack. Since a blathering psycho doesn’t allow for much exposition through one-liners during gameplay, Gearbox has released a short film that gives some background on this…interesting character. Titled “Krieg: A Meat Bicycle Built For Two”, the film is pretty funny and shows off the great writing that the team is known for. Check it out below:

Also announced recently is the fourth and final add-on for the game’s Season Pass, Tiny Tina’s Assault on Dragon Keep, which is dated at the end of the video. Coming June 25, 2013 the add-on finds the original Vault Hunters playing a game of “Bunkers & Badasses”, Pandora’s version of Dungeons & Dragons, run by none other than Tiny Tina. The add-on will be free to Season Pass holders or for $9.99/800 Microsoft Points to everyone else.

Knight Roland and Ellie

Gearbox seems to stress the “final part of the Season Pass” part, meaning this may not be the final add-on released for Borderlands 2. So, keep it to GripYaJoystick for any further announcements.

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