Review: Mad Riders: Get mad at it!

Review: Mad Riders: Get mad at it!
2.5/5 Review Score:

Ubisoft developed another racing game. Mad Riders is about mad pilots making mad stunts with their mad vehicles! At first sight you can be very impressed with the game presentation, but let’s take a closer look and face the deep drepressing reality.

Not to much so say for a racing game, you just select your vehicle and pilot and get right to the action, but one thing I’ve liked a lot is how the game is structured. You can choose from tournament, that test your racing and maneuver skills in all varieties of racing styles, multiplayer races and single races – on which you can select 5 types of competition – Race, Stunt Race, Race the Clock, Arena and Ghost Challenge.

Race is the common test of driving skills and concentration. The courses are filled with obstacles and falls so you have to be sharp on the curves and keep the accelerator down! The more you get some cool stunts, more boost you gain and more mad you go crazy through the race. There are red coins, that give you boost, blue coins that can activate shortcuts and secret red coins, and marked landing zones for your crazy jumps.

Stunt Race is where your mad skills come with rage, oh yeah. My favorite mode! You focus on doing crazy stuff like backflips, sidewinders, whips, wheelies and frontflips. All of them are unloackables, you start only with the backflip and sidewinder. But that is really annoying because you’ll get very tired of doing the same stunts over and over until you get enough experience points to unlock more stunts.

Mad Riders Wheelie Mad Riders Dirt Mad Riders jump

In Race the Clock you’re basically racing against time and pursuing the checkpoints. No news here, just be sure to make some stunts to fill your boost meter and you will be fine. The quicker you get to the checkpoint, better the experience you get once the race is finished. You also gain stars for the completion of every level, up to three.

Arena is where you race through checkpoints (again?!) but there’s a little tricky detail here, because they are not like common checkpoints you faced in “Race the Clock”. Here you race in a different place, and arena-like, and the checkpoints are like towers of light that you need to cross in order to finish the challenge. The faster you get to them, better your score and position. You face another 9 mad riders in all challenges besides Race the Clock and the Ghost Challenge.

Ghost Challenge is where you face a pro rider’s ghost (I know, it’s pretty creppy…) for the fastest time possible. The ghost advantage here is… well, he is a ghost, so he don’t fall or get knocked out of the trail. It’s a pretty cool mode since you aim for perfection and are forced to make no mistakes, or the ghost will past right through you!

Well, you get the modes by now, but the time has come to the final verdict. Is Mad Riders worth buying? Let’s talk about the graphics, first. The cel-shading graphics aren’t convincing enough. It’s a racing game, so I don’t know who came with the idea to put a cartoon-like shader to it’s appearance! You have the impression of a Playstation 2 game, so yes, it’s disappointing. The music is generic and has no real impact, the multiplayer menu has a loud crowd effect that punish your ears, and… there is no 2 players mode offline mode! You can’t play with your brother, friend, or someone who is right beside you!

The levels are ugly made (you fall off a lot of times and get respawned for getting a little of the track) and are pretty generic, too. So the good point here in this game is that you can get really fast and crazy but as soon as the first stupid fall of comes in… it’s annoying! Ubisoft statement in the game trailer was “Awesome arcade game for the price of a pizza”, so here’s my opinion, Ubisoft: I’d rather have a pizza!

Review: Mad Riders: Get mad at it!, 10.0 out of 10 based on 1 rating
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