Majin and the Forsaken Kingdom Review

Majin and the Forsaken Kingdom Review
4.0/5 Review Score:

Majin and The Forsaken Kingdom – So worth it!

If you ever thought about giving up adventure games and stick with first person shooters, hack ‘n slash, RPG games or even sports… think again. It’s time to open your mind for another world. Actually… for another kingdom! Majin and the Forsaken Kingdom came with the promise to give you back that adventurer feeling you felt years ago with Mario Brothers or Sonic, but of course, upgraded for our time.

In a kingdom full of happiness and peace, a strange mist began to rise, and soon the entire place was surrounded by shadows. Strange and bizarre creatures appeared from the darkness and the royal knights couldn’t stand a chance.

 Those dark and immortal creatures had only ONE mean of demise: the majin. The game gets very exciting through your first hour of gameplay. You play as Tepeu, a thief living by himself in the kingdom’s forest. Not only did he grow up in a forest; he also has the ability to communicate with the animals. Your hero’s powers make it very convenient when you find yourself with no clues of what you have to do: The animals were the only survivors of the dark fate, and on every corner you can find a helpful rat or bird who enjoys a little chat. The map is very well connected and as you progress through the game the story gets more interesting and brighter – literally!

Basically, you can approach this game like an NPC co-op adventure, since you’re very dependable on the Majin’s powers to succeed. But that’s exactly the charm to it, because you both are dependable of one another. The beast is enormous, so he can’t sneak through the enemies or enter little passages. You have to make a path through, either by pulling some levers, solving some puzzles, and get your majin by your side. The beast’s powers are elemental based, along with incredible physical strength. He can smash the enemies and absorb their darkness so you can finally kill them, set up some traps, push pillars so you can see they get squashed – so awesome!

The Majin getting a thunder fruit The Majin getting a fire fruit

There are a few negative points, though, that need to be mentioned, so you don’t go thinking that this game is perfect. Graphics weren’t really Game Republic’s main concern for in this game. Although it has a beautiful flow to its animation, the game was made in 720p resolution and it’s basically a well-made PS2 game with nice lightning effects. And it doesn’t have any CG sequences beside the intro, that’s almost a game-crime those days.

The second point is the replay factor, which is almost ZERO. You fight your way to the end of the adventure and… that’s it! No new game+, no mini-games, artwork, movies, or anything at all!

For trophy hunters, it’s basically a must-have, because you can platinum it in about 20 hours or so, and you’re going to have lots of fun. Also there’s a good array of choices to search for in the trophy guide, because there are also the secret trophies. Some of them you have to farm for, but it’s definitely worth it. That is going to make it an awesome hunt. Also there are a lot of collectibles that power up your character, power up your majin, and gives your adventure some sugar! Embark in this graceful adventure with your majin friend, and discover a forsaken kingdom full of collectibles, upgrades and magic! Hours and hours of fun gameplay!

Rated 4.0/5.0

Majin and the Forsaken Kingdom Review, 10.0 out of 10 based on 2 ratings
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