Mars: War Logs Review

Mars: War Logs Review
4.5/5 Review Score:

When I was downloading this game I was not too sure of what to expect from another RPG. I’ve played a few RPG’s but in the end they all come down equipping a well powered gun and shooting things from a distance so that you will not have to take them on face to face. Mars: War Logs have gone with a different approach with a fresh combat system that works well, I have not played a game that has this kind of combat controls.

Graphics are always a big concern of mine as I like to see high quality games with a really good graphics engine, and I’m happy to say that Mars: War Logs have some really good graphics. In this game I’ve found that the graphics are good in this game, the building stand out well as well as the cave being well lit. Getting down to the characters details I’ve found that there is some good detail on the clothes as well as the hair being good quality. The only part of the characters that did not work so well was some of the scars, they just did not have depth to them.

Regarding the controls for  Mars: War Logs, they are simple to use and, so long as you are a quick learner, they can be quick to master. I like these controls as it uses the left mouse button for your primary attack and with the right button as your block you are able to counter attack instantly. You are able to set your number keys to a set list of other actions and you can set these up in any way you wish, my personal set up is having the health kit’s as number 9 and your other attacks or defense abilities taking up the rest of the hot keys.

I have really enjoyed playing this game , the different control aspect and the gripping story line have made it a real joy to play and get addicted to. To get a good grasp of the game I was planning on doing the odd side quest while working through the main story. But in the end I was so gripped that I went through a lot of the side quests while I was going through the story line.

I have one really good extra that i have found really useful. This is the translucent map that you can open up with the tab key, you can still move around with the map open so that you can find your way around a lot easier.

There is only one point that I have really noticed about this game and this is that you can’t give your companion anything.

This is the main character in the game, Roy.

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