Marvel Pinball Avengers Chronicles review

Marvel Pinball Avengers Chronicles review
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If you are a fan of the Avengers movie/comics and pinball then Zen studios has a nice treat for you. That treat comes in the form of 4 new tables for Pinball FX2 aptly titled Marvel Pinball Avengers Chronicles. While the past Marvel Pinball focused on certain Marvel characters these tables focus on actual events within the Marvel Avengers universe. Thetables that are included are: The Avengers, The Infinity Gauntlet, World War Hulk, and Fear Itself. Each table is like any normal pinball table with ramps, bumpers, and tunnels. The one issue I have is from time to time its hard to see where your ball and second bumpers are. Other then that main issue all of these tables are amazingly fun and addictive. They make you want to conquer all of your high scores!

Avengers Chronicles Trailer

The Avengers table has the Avengers facing Loki. This table gives you access to all of the Avengers characters as pinballs. Each character has a different ability that can help you score high. The ramps on this table are tailored to each characters ball, helping you earn more of a high score. One of the lanes takes you to the Avengers jet plane that you need to move from side to side to avoid the holes back to the main table. At one point your ball gets stuck in a hole and you choose another character until all six balls are on the table at once, talk about crazy.

The Infinity Gauntlet depicts events featuring Thanos and the Silver Surfer. This table seems fairly simple, at first, anyway. The left side of the table has the infinity gauntlet that, if you get to three times changes your ball, or gives you multiple balls. By hitting Thanos monument at the center of the table three times you open a new ramp that Marvel Pinball Avengers Cronicles Avengers Tablesends Thanos into attack mode. He brings the word god in big rock letters down to the center of the table, and you must distract him. The most insane part of this table is when the table flips upside down and you have to keep playing. It is a trip.

The World War Hulk table covers events from this story line. Filling the Hulks rage meter makes each ramp allow you to evacuate from the city. By hitting a ramp in the middle of the table you light up the letters ARENA, which allows you in. Inside of the arena you need to shoot through the lanes until all the lights are off. You can also open the subway which makes other Marvel characters such as Wolverine, The Thing, and Doctor Strange appear to fight the Hulk.

The Fear Itself table takes the story line of Thor and Captain America facing The Serpent. This is probably one of my least favorite tables. I say this because there were quite a few times I didn’t get to play a lot before I lost my ball. There is a lane that, from time to time, speeds your ball up. When this happens it wont always speed through and you will lose your ball. Also I found while playing this table that the main left and right ramps were easier to hit then any of the other ramps.Marvel Pinball Avengers Chronicles World War Hulk table

Other then the Fear Itself table, Marvel Pinball Avengers Chronicles tables are a great addition to Pinball FX2. They are very fun and addictive except when you can’t see where your ball is coming from. These new tables will have you putting all of your other games down, at least for a little while.


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