Mugen Souls Review

Mugen Souls Review
4.5/5 Review Score:

Mugen Souls is a beautiful RPG rated T for teens. I suggest that rated be followed by parents as this game has some humor not intended for younger audiences.

Seven worlds shining in seven different colors. Yellow, shining sun world, Orange, glowing moon world, Red, vivid fire world, Indigo, frosted water world, Green, tropical tree world, Blue, advanced metal world, and Violet, earthen soil world. Chou Chou, wants to be the Undisputed God of all Seven worlds. Chou Chou travels with her allies Altis, Ryuto, and Shampuru, making your enemies peons or items to help you battle for each world. You will level up and gather weapons and items as you fight your way through each world.

Shampuru teaches you anything you need to know about Mugen Souls from combat to peons (and everything in between). He really comes in handy with all of the different battle systems you will encounter. You will have G-Castle battles, Moe Kill and regular field battles. G-Castle is your ship. You can move around on your ship to purchase things like armor and weapons from shops, talk to people on your ship who will give you gifts, go to the Peon Salon and create characters, and visit the Hot Springs which will increase your character’s stats.

Mugen Souls character
G-Castle battles are battles between your ship and another ship. Each side takes one turn in sequence and if your ship’s HP reaches 0, it’s game over. Moe Kills can be performed on enemies and crystals. Chou Chou it the only one who can perform a Moe Kill. When the Moe Kill command is used, the enemy’s emotion gauge will change and peon, item, or frenzy meters will fill. Depending on which meter reaches the far left first determines the outcome. In the field battles moves will cycle through your party members. You can attack, link attack with other party members, use magic, defend, or retreat.

The soundtrack to Mugen Souls is great. The songs are very up beat and cute in my opinion. Very fun to battle with that kind of music in the background. The graphics are phenomenal! So bright and vibrant, nice and clear, and really brings out the feel of the worlds you are in. The humor in the game cracks me up. This game was very well written. Mugen Souls is the kind of game I really enjoy and can play for hours on end.

I give this game a 4.5/5. For more information on Mugen Souls click here.

Mugen Souls Moe Kill

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