Review: Mutant Mudds (PC)

Review: Mutant Mudds (PC)
4.0/5 Review Score:

Mutant Mudds, a single player, 12 bit, 2D, platformer developed by Renegade Kid, was released for Nintendo 3DS and later released for PC. I had the pleasure of playing the PC version. If you love a challenge and enjoy the hard work of platform games, Mutant Mudds is the perfect game for you! This game is rated E so if you are looking for a fun game that even the kids can enjoy, you will find that here.

Mutant Mudds starts out with Max, a kid who learns of a “Muddy” invasion after a meteor falls to Earth. He then sets out to stop these Mutant Mudds with a water gun. Max has to work his way through 60 levels and 5 worlds to defeat all of the Mutant Mudds and save Earth. Max’s granny sells power ups for the water gun you carry, your hover, and your jump. In order to purchase these updates you will need to collect a hundred golden diamonds in each level. Each power up costs a certain amount of diamonds so make sure to collect them all. Another thing you will be collecting in each level is a water sprite. The last thing for each level is finding and completing the secret land hidden in the level. After collecting all of those from each level of every world you will open later worlds that are only unlockable after completing all those objectives.

You always have unlimited ammo and your life bar is 3 hearts. When you get hit by something you lose a heart each time. Most of the enemies have to be shot multiple times before they die. There are lots of enemies and obstacles that will hurt Max. Flying enemies, enemies who shoot at you or have swords, and enemies who can land on you are some of the numerous things to watch out for. A few of the obstacles you have to avoid are spikes, lasers, and lava, which will just kill you instantly. You also only have 4 minutes to make it through each levels or you will die. After beating the game, you will open 20 brand new levels to be played with Granny.

If you find yourself with nowhere else to go in levels, look for an orange launch pad on the ground. Jumping while on one of those will send you to the background or the foreground. You can continue through the level from there. I found that to be a very interesting aspect of the game. You don’t see that in many games. The graphics were in 2D, which I loved about it. I found it to bring the old school feeling of video games back. The music of the game was the same for each level. It was a catchy tune but more than one song would have been nice.

Mutant Mudds was a very fun and interesting game to play. I like platformer games but this one was a bit of a challenge for me, but overall, I enjoyed it. I gave it a 4/5.

If you would like to download Mutant Mudds or read more about it you can do so here.

Review: Mutant Mudds (PC), 10.0 out of 10 based on 1 rating
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