New Playlists in Modern Warfare 3

New Playlists in Modern Warfare 3

Fourzerotwo has been at it again and informing everyone of the updates to Modern Warfare 3 playlists.

The biggest change you’ll notice is the addition of Community Playlists. This is where they will add popular or unique private match modes to the public playlists, so you can start ranking up on them! The first playlist changes for Modern Warfare 3 multiplayer are listed below:


Get to the drop zone to earn points, the first team to 7500 points wins the round, but that’s not all. As long as the Drop Zone is occupied, a care package will drop every 15 seconds, which ever team has the most members in the drop zone at that point “owns” the care package, but anyone can steal it. This is the only way to earn air support in this mode, all other pointstreaks are disabled. You’ll earn 20 points per team member, for every second they’re in the drop zone plus 20 XP individually for your time spent in the zone. Kills are worth 50 XP in this mode.

Custom Settings: Pointstreaks (besides those obtained through in-game care packages) are disabled.

Hardcore HQ Ricochet

They’ll be adding Hardcore Headquarters to the Hardcore Team Tactical playlist.

Hardcore Ricochet

They’ll be converting all Hardcore modes to Ricochet variant as a response to team killing. This means, any friendly fire, is applied to the attacker, rather than the victim. So choose your shots wisely and any attempt to team kill will simply kill yourself.

Me personally am looking forward to the introduction of ricochet, am a hardcore fan but the team killing is getting silly. The new game mode seems to me like its going to be a lot of fun BUT, will it mean that once you have the “area” secured and your getting all these care packages, that its going to be nearly impossible (as the opposition) to take it back? Let us know what you think and what you’re looking forward to?

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