NiGHTS into Dreams… and Sonic Adventure 2 Dated and Priced

NiGHTS into Dreams… and Sonic Adventure 2 Dated and Priced
Sega of America has today announced via their official blog that classics NiGHTS into Dreams… and Sonic Adventure 2 will be coming to consoles in October 2012.

First up is Sonic Adventure 2, which will be releasing in the US on October 2 for $9.99 on the PlayStation Network and then on Xbox LIVE Arcade on October 5 for 800 MSP. Originally released for Sega’s Dreamcast back in 2001 and again in 2002 for the Nintendo Gamecube.


Sonic Adventure 2


Cult classic NiGHTS into Dreams… will be releasing the same day for the same price on both marketplaces! The original was released in 1998 for the Sega Saturn and, like Sonic Adventure 2, NiGHTS into Dreams… was re-released prior to this generation, but this time for the PlayStation 2 in 2008.


NiGHTS into Dreams...


Releasing alongside Sonic Adventure 2, the Battle Mode DLC will include the features and upgrades found in the Gamecube version for $3.00 / 240 MSP, including things such as weather effects in some stages and the Chao Karate mini-game.


Battle Mode DLC


For NiGHTS into dreams…, a free holiday-themed DLC will be available to anyone who purchases the full game. Originally, this expansion was a limited-release promotional item, so it’ll be nice for fans to be able to finally give it a try.


Christmas NiGHTS


Look for both games next month, ready for digital download!
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