Nokia Lumia 800 – The Review

Nokia Lumia 800 – The Review
4.5/5 Review Score:

For the last month I’ve had the delight of using the Nokia Lumia 800. Every couple of years I go for a new phone, and with windows phone’s giving you the capability of playing games AND unlocking achievements (via Xbox live), it seemed only fitting that the Nokia Lumia 800 should be in my list of options.

Upon receiving the phone (supplied by Next 15, for review purposes only), I couldn’t help but notice how environmentally friendly the packing is. Sounds a tad bizarre commenting on packaging but I remember when you used to get a phone and the box used to be over-sized. I’m glad to see this wasn’t the case with the Nokia Lumia 800.

Setting up the phone was simple enough to do. You press a lip on the top of the phone which then gives you access to the Sim card port (please note you need a Micro Sim Card), you simply put it in, and close up the port “job done”.

As with every new phone when you first turn it on, you go through the “setup” options. This was really quick to do as that once you’ve inputted an email addresses you want to link to the phone; it imports any contacts you have. By contacts I mean their numbers, MSN, Facebook, etc. Twitter was the only “social network” I had to input separately but this could be because it’s registered with a different email address. Some people may like the idea of this, I personally hate it. I left Facebook over a year ago (deleted account) and yet it still brings through peoples contact details if they were ever on my old account. If I want peoples contact details in my phone book, I like to put them in and weed out people I don’t (makes it easier for people I only speak to online).

Personally, I love the design of the phone. It’s slim, compact, and visually appeasing. The screen is a good size (3.7″) which is I found ample for the general functionality of the phone and for playing the odd game, however, it only has 252 pixels per inch compared to the iPhone 4S which boasts 330 pixels per inch. It’s not something that I feel effected my experience of the phone however felt it was worth mentioning as others may be put off slightly.

nokia_lumia_800_noir_Orange Nokia Lumia 800 Nokia Lumia
Gaming on the Nokia Lumia 800 has its advantages and disadvantages. The games are comparable with those you can find on the Android Market (now Google Play) and iPhone, both in style and cost. The added bonus of playing them on the Nokia Lumia 800 (and other windows phones) is that you can unlock achievements. I loved the connectivity with Xbox Live, which showed your essentials (Gamer-tag, avatar, recent games achievements, XBL messages etc.).

The one thing that I found was that with some games (like shooters) having your fingers on both sides of the screen had a tenancy to compromise your viewing window. This could be fixed if the Nokia Lumia 800 has connectivity with Zeemotes (controllers for your phone that connect via Bluetooth). I also found that playing Sudoku and minesweeper was slightly annoying as I had a tendency to hit the wrong square/number which would result in me getting blown up or failing the puzzle. For intricate games like this a stylus would be most beneficial.

At the moment, my current phone runs on Android which I find sometimes unresponsive and has a tendency to “crash”. In the month I used the Nokia Lumia 800 I didn’t have this problem at all. It ran smoothly at all times, which is a good thing as you’re unable to operate a “battery pull” in the event of it crashing or becoming unresponsive (due to it having a fixed battery).

Should your Nokia Lumia 800 ever become unresponsive though, try the following steps and it should work again;

  • Hold down the Volume Down and Power buttons at the same time.
  • Wait for the phone to pulse vibrate three times.
  • The phone should now reboot.

The Nokia Lumia 800’s battery life is “normal” for a smart-phone and gives you 13 hours “talk time” and a standby time of 335 hours. You should however take into account that if linked to Facebook and Twitter, it will run down considerably quicker due to synchronizing and updates. Speaking of updates, the most recent update for the Nokia Lumia 800, has reportedly improved battery life to 21 hours “talk time”.

Nokia Lumia 800 Nokia Lumia
The Nokia Lumia 800 comes with an 8 Mega-pixel camera which is more than enough for a mobile device, and with the access to social media sites being just a click away sharing your photos via twitter, or adding them to your Facebook is only a few clicks away.

Calls made and received on the Nokia Lumia 800, were clear and the phone held connectivity even when in poor signal locations. Unlike some phones having zero bars signal (but enough to display network) was enough to make and connect calls.

Overall I’d give this phone 4.5 out of 5. If you could add an SD card to extend memory, or the ability to change the battery it would get a full 5. My contract is up next month and this is the phone I shall be getting. If you’re a gamer who loves unlocking achievements and gamer score then this phone is definitely one for you.

If you’d like to have play with some of the features on the Nokia Lumia 800 why not head on over to the website where you can have a look at some of the features in action.

Nokia Lumia 800 - The Review, 10.0 out of 10 based on 1 rating
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