One Epic Knight – FREE

One Epic Knight – FREE

Simutronics, the creators of the immensely popular and award-winning Tiny Heroes, today announced the launch of One Epic Knight for free on iOS devices everywhere. A new infinite runner, One Epic Knight features simple controls, numerous upgrades, and addicting gameplay that will amaze free-runner fans with its unparalleled epicness. Download One Epic Knight today on the iTunes App Store.

In One Epic Knight, players will take charge of an Epic Knight who is on a quest for epic loot. While avoiding spike traps and lava pits, gamers must carefully maneuver through an ever-changing dungeon maze to find secret passages and treasure rooms. Along the way, the Epic Knight can collect swords to combat enemies, shields to break walls and spikes, crystals for extra speed, and a leg of meat to pave a path of destruction. As gamers acquire treasure, they can upgrade the Epic Knight’s armor and weapons and purchase new outfits and power-up potions. No obstacle can prevent the Epic Knight from getting his epic loot!

One Epic Knight stands out from other iOS titles as developer Simutronics enlisted the help of a behavior psychologist while developing the game. This was done to ensure that the movements, animations, and sounds in One Epic Knight were polished and refined, leading to an awesome gameplay experience for fans and gamers everywhere.

One Epic Knight features:

  • Endless Gameplay – Dungeons become increasingly crazier the longer Epic Knight runs
  • Simple Controls – Swipe gestures allow for easy pick-up and play gaming
  • Upgradeable Gear – Purchase power-ups, potions, and outfits to increase Epic Knight’s epicness
  • Loveable Ends – Experience light-hearted ragdoll physics when Epic Knight crashes
  • Destroyable Dungeon – Run in ever-changing, destructible environments
  • Smash and Loot – Slice through enemies protecting loot and find secret treasure rooms
  • Epic Graphics – Retina resolution support for amazing visuals
  • Game Center Integration and Achievements – Compete with friends and find out who is the epic-est of them all

Challenge the dungeon and download One Epic Knight from the App Store now.

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