Paranormal Table for Pinball FX2 FREE!!

Paranormal Table for Pinball FX2 FREE!!

That’s right folks, Zen Studios have released a new table for Pinball FX2 and it is FREE for one week only. From 26th October to 02 November you can get this table at no cost (and it remains yours FREE forever), if you miss this offer and download it after 02 November it will cost you 240 Microsoft Point so make sure you grab the freebie.

The following is the official table description courtesy of Zen Studios;

About the Paranormal table: Players will assume the role of a paranormal detective and investigate mysterious and supernatural phenomena including hauntings, weird creatures, and inexplicable lapses in the laws of nature. Solve the mysteries of a rotatable mini playing field with four different mini games, supernatural events, time portals and floating objects. Top it off with 10 flipper bats and you have one of the most exciting and engaging pinball tables ever!

Take a moment to view the trailer and you can see the FREE table in all it’s glory;

You can download Pinball FX2 and the Paranormal table for FREE here. Be sure to check out some of the other tables.

Feel free to follow me on twitter (@butty578) and the creators of the table (@zen_studios). Be sure to keep coming back and checking the site for new content, and use the comments section below to let us know your views on the table.

Pinball FX2 Paranormal Table Pinball FX2 Paranormal Table Pinball FX2 Paranormal Table Pinball FX2 Paranormal Table

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