Pinball FX2 Epic Quest Table Review

Pinball FX2 Epic Quest Table Review
5.0/5 Review Score:

Zen Studios are well known for their tables on Pinball FX2 and rightly so, the release of Epic Quest pushes boundaries many of us never even thought about, and surprisingly combining the RPG element with pinball has proven to work rather well.

This Pinball FX2 table has plenty of visuals to offer, and with the visuals comes many challenges. Tackling the monsters, killing bats and smashing skeletons are all part the parcel, and all of which will enable you to level up your character. As you’d expect from an RPG you have the ability to change your characters armour and weapons, and sell the items you haven’t got equipped. I absolutely loved leveling up my character and changing his outfits, something about upgrading a “dweeb” into someone to be feared and watching him gallop around on his horse quoting random phrases put a smile on my face. Even when I couldn’t get the ball where I was wanting (if you’ve played any version of pinball, you’ll know what I mean), that guy just cracked me up.

The controls are responsive and if you can control the urge to start hammering away to get the flippers flipping, you’ll enjoy the full features and functionality of the table. There are plenty of hidden quests, routes and enemies to encounter throughout the game adding replay value to the table, this is also backed up by the large number of armour and weapon upgrades you can obtain for your hero.

Even after playing on the one Pinball FX2 table nearly all weekend, the dialogue has me chuckling away to myself rather than thinking its repetitive. As with the other Zen Studio tables the achievements are going to take some working on (I only unlocked one of them after playing all weekend). Even though I’ve been on this table for most the weekend (we all have to eat and sleep sometime), it’s one of my favorites and one I think any pinball fan should be looking to add to their collection.

Pinball FX2 Epic Quest Pinball FX2 Epic Quest Pinball FX2 Epic Quest
This Pinball FX2 table is due to be released on 14th Feb on PSN (price TBC) and 15th Feb on Xbox 360 (for 240 MSP) and is well worth it, getting the first 5 out of 5 from this reviewer. You can buy this Pinball FX2 table here.

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