Preview: Schein – Lights and Shadows!

Preview: Schein – Lights and Shadows!

Day by day we can notice new stuff coming to Steam, XBLA, PSN and the first thing that comes to my mind when I see it is: Are these games worth of being there? Am I really anxious about this upcoming release or is it just “more than the same”, as we say here in Brazil? Well, I can really guarantee that Schein is getting me anxious, and this cool idea is to be released soon. Mixing platform, puzzle solving and a nice and dangerous environment, Schein is the newest bet on PC gaming for the indie industry. Take a look at the preview video on Youtube:



After founding your son’s dead body in the edge of a forest, you remember an old legend about a magi­cal place in the bor­de­ring swamp. Desperately wanting to bring your dead son to life, you throw yourself in the shadows. Lost in a swamp, all alone, the only thing that you can count on is your “Irr­licht”. This ghostly light, like a magical charm or something, is the light of hope that will guide you through this adventure while revealing new places, dangers and safe spots. Testing your skills and reflex, Schein have this smooth 2D platform style that is at the same time captivating and mysterious. As you reveal more of this scary swamp, you will have to deal with spikes, falls and who knows what they are going to came up with!


schein schein trees schein trees renewed

I’ve had this awesome experience of playing the demo version of Schein (currently under development) and they’ve made one beautiful upgrade to the game. See the second and third picture? As you can notice, the trees details got better, not like veins, like before. The game is being polished every day, and by the first quarter of 2013 it’s going to be released for PCs. Changing from light to dark, your role in Schein is survival. Get to the end of the levels by planning each step and you will succeed. This demo version is free for download at the official website! Just click HERE so you can download it and send your feedback about the game. Some more pictures of my gameplay:


schein schein tutorial schein red light

With a simple controller scheme and a very captivating gameplay, this game is sure to be one we can get anxious for. There are a lot of things to expect, so let’s keep an eye for the release of Schein!


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