Puzzle Chasers Dominates Facebook

Puzzle Chasers Dominates Facebook

Konami Digital Entertainment, Inc. today announced that Puzzle Chasers, the family-friendly free-to-play Facebook game, has 1,000,000 monthly active users (MAUs). A new IP from KONAMI, Puzzle Chasers is a jigsaw puzzle adventure game, where players travel the world to save famous landmarks. On their journeys, they can earn, collect and purchase items for their customizable mansion.

Since its launch nearly two months ago, Puzzle Chasers has steadily increased in MAUs and continues to see substantial growth. As one of the top ten leading social games on Facebook, Puzzle Chasers has seen:

  • More than 8 billion miles traveled in-game, which amounts to…
    • 322,246 trips around the world
    • 33,594 trips to the moon
    • 164 trips to Mars
  • 17,826,460 units of energy used in-game
  • 1,625,906 trips to different countries by players
  • 127,658 lamps have been purchased in-game (the most popular lamp being the floor lamp, with 95,197 purchased)
    • Meaning if each lamp uses a single 60 watt bulb, the total power usage would equal 7.66 Gigawatts …
    • That’s 0.27% of the world’s lighting power …
    • Which means a person could travel in time with a modified DeLorean 6.33 times

Puzzle Chasers challenges players to flex their minds as they embark on a journey to solve puzzles to unlock the next chapter in the story before time runs out. Featuring innovative gameplay and beautifully illustrated puzzles,Puzzle Chasers challenges players to solve incomplete puzzles, each varying in level of difficulty. With more than 100 different adrenaline-filled jigsaws and more added weekly, players can choose one of two modes: single player Story mode or the fast-paced Blitz Mode.

Puzzle Chasers is now available exclusively on Facebook. You can check out the game here.

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