Review: All Zombies Must Die! (XBLA)

Review: All Zombies Must Die! (XBLA)
2.0/5 Review Score:

A game can be fantastic and all the different elements of the game can come together and make magic. But if it’s the same instance of “good” over and over again, it can get old. The funny thing about All Zombies Must Die! is that, at first, it seems pretty awesome. The art style has a cool cartoon-y look, the humor is chuckle-worthy, and the gameplay is simple but works. It’s all great. But, after you’ve run through the Town Center or Police Station for the 10th or so time, going on another “kill # zombies” quest, you realize that the game has become an exercise in tedium.

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The game starts with Jack, a normal guy who finds his town overrun with zombies. After finding weapons, a quest system, and power-ups scattered about, he begins to think he’s in a video game and decides he’s the hero and something must be done. But, to move between the areas of town, he has to complete quests for the automated gates ranging from finding some snacks to killing a number of zombies a particular way. He’s soon joined by his ex-girlfriend, a scientist, and even an alien in disguise in the search for help. The characters can use multiple weapons found lying about, and each character also has a unique secondary attack tied to a particular element (for instance, Jack has a torch to set enemies on fire). Weapons are used in the traditional twin-stick shooter style, by aiming and firing with the Right Stick while you move with the Left Stick. The game also includes some light RPG elements, with each character able to level up and allocate skill points to increase their stats.

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The main problem with the game is how repetitive it can get. The first time you go through an area, it’s a novel experience within the game. Each new area tends to introduce a new zombie type as well. But, the game reuses the same areas, as the game is technically “open-world”, where the player can move between areas freely (after completing the obstructing gate’s quest). By the end, I found myself rushing through areas as quickly as possible, with the zombies becoming more of a nuisance than anything else as I ran to fetch whatever I needed at the time for the current quest, which all tend to be very similar with the quests usually consisting of either fetching an item or killing a bunch of zombies. There is a crafting system, but it again requires you to head to a particular zone and grind away. And, you can’t even bolster the game by playing with your friends, because unlike pretty much every other game this generation, there is no online multiplayer. Only same-screen co-op for 4-players. Truly, tedious is the only way to put it.

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All Zombies Must Die! has the elements of a great game. But, with nothing to break up the gameplay, it all dissolves into monotony, even with its goofy atmosphere and engaging mechanics. And, with a lack of multiplayer over Xbox LIVE, it’s even harder to trudge through it. This in no way makes the game truly bad or anything, but it mars what could have been a fun and exciting experience.

All Zombies Must Die! gets a brain-chomping 2 / 5.

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