Review: Guns Of Icarus Online

Review: Guns Of Icarus Online

I’m a gamer who comes from the MMO generation, by which I mean that I was a gamer when the genre really took off. I spent 7 years of my life playing Funcom’s Anarchy Online, which is a title I still regard as one of the best I have ever played. I was there for the birth of many other games along the way; most noticeable was that of World of Warcraft, which continues to dominate the market. WoW did a lot for the MMORPG genre, but it also did a hell of a lot of bad. It dumbed down the technical side, in my opinion, of the genre. It brought about many new casual players to the genre, many of whom will have turned into hardcore players, but due to the success of the game, via a dulled down medium of an MMO, invited many others developers to attempt to follow in the footsteps that it left, creating a horde of sub-par games that overshadowed a once glorious genre. Which brings me to Guns Of Icarus.

I’ll get back to the opening paragraph soon, but for now I shall explain what Guns of Icarus is. Guns of Icarus is a type of co-operative MMO tower defence game, which has been developed by Muse Games. Within the game, teams battle it out in fast-paced airborne fights, where they each have in their possession a Zeppelin, armed with many different guns and a multitude of things that need repairing by the ships engineers. It allows diversity for the casual player, as well as a more direct path for players who have become accustomed to a certain type of play style within similar games, be it that they are a ‘I shoot things and they blow up’ kinda guy, or a ‘I help the team at the sacrifice of excitement’. There is something within for everyone and on the outside; the game appears as if it would be a fun and entertaining thing to take on when you have a couple of hours spare every now and then.

Unfortunately, what Muse Games have created here is a game that doesn’t really seem to go anywhere. Linking back to the first paragraph, they have simply attempted to do the minimum possible to create a game that, I believe, they know has little to no life expectancy.  Although the first hour or two playing the game will be not without lack of entertainment, the reality soon dawns on you. The game feels clunky, it has a limited amount of diversity for the gamer within most that wishes to push a game to the limit, test what they can do and how to achieve more.

Guns Of Icarus is ultimately boring. I found that it, during a small spell of playing with a friend, almost sent me to sleep. The amount of time you spend attempting to take down an enemy ship, only to achieve nothing and end up a burning wreck on the floor really took its toll on me. Not to mention the monotony of re-spawning and flying back to the zone only to have that happen again, being akin to the feeling of being forced to watch an episode of Two and a Half Men. .

I know while reading this, you may be thinking “Well, Oliver, Maybe if you were a better gamer, you’d have worked out quite easily the weak points of the ship, targeted them and took down the ship quick-snappy, right?” and to you I say simply this, give the game a go and tell me just how easy it is, to take down a ship with an immortal crew.

I’d say pick it up if you can find it for cheap, but on a serious note. The gaming world provides us with many new free-to-play games per month and each one of them could at least match the excitement factor of Muse Games’ Guns Of Icarus.

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