Review: Last Rebellion by NIS America

Review: Last Rebellion by NIS America
4.5/5 Review Score:

Last Rebellion is an RPG based game rated T. Nine’s homeland Lorvin has been overrun by Belzeds. Belzeds are undead creatures. King Arzelide calls on Nine, his adopted son and a talented blade, and Aisha, a sealer to eliminate the monsters and save the kingdom.

The characters have such great back stories in Last Rebellion. Nine and his younger brother Alfred are adopted by King Arzelide of Lorvin. King Alzelide is a powerful sorcerer who raised the boys as blades. Sephi, a young Lebaseth girl who was rescued by Nine, follows him everywhere getting into trouble and causing him a ton of grief. And lastly there is Aisha, an extremely powerful sealer who sometimes can’t control her tremendous power.

The game play is very new to me. You can switch between Nine and Aisha while in the field and in battle, but you can only be one of the characters at a time, so choose wisely. The two characters share a life and magic bar, so if you die it is game over. And if you are out of magic, there are no towns with places to replenish your meter. So pay close attention to your meters.

Battles in Last Rebellion are pretty awesome. Nine can stamp enemies, absorb, and attack. Aisha can do stamp magic and seals. When you stamp enemies with a physical attack, you can then use a stamp magic attack to inflict damage to those stamped body parts. You can absorb enemies after you knock them down and take there left over magic power and absorb it into your magic power bar. You can seal enemies after they are knocked down too. If you don’t seal an enemy in time, there soul will find there body and come back to life. You will then have to fight them again. You have chain points in battles that you also have to be aware of. Chain points are the amount of moves you have to beat the battle in. After each turn you will gain a few chain points back but, if you run out of chain points and an enemy still has a life point left, you lose.

Last Rebellion has great music to go along with the game play. It really helps set the atmosphere of your journey. The graphics are spectacular; the colors pop and the environment is so detailed. This really is an all-around great game.

For more information on Last Rebellion click here.

I give Last Rebellion a 4.5/5!!!

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