Review: Nexus The Jupiter Incident

Review: Nexus The Jupiter Incident
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Mithis Entertainment released Nexus The Jupiter Incident on November 5th of 2004. There are two great motives we are dealing with a game made 8 years ago, and they are: First of all, the game is awesome! The other motive is that the guys from Mithis Entertainment are promissing the sequel release for this year! If you still haven’t checked out this great game, take a look at this video:

Commonly called TFS – Tactical Fleet Simulator, this game merges different aspects that can really get you engaged in your missions. The year is 2111, you play as Marcus Cromwell, captain of the Heavy Corvette ship Stiletto. With a heroic past, son of Richard Cromwell – the first spaceborn human – he fought on a war on Mars against the rebels. Marcus’ ship was ambushed and nearly crushed to ashes, and he was left to his destiny, floating in the space. Eventually the Earth Federation known as SpaceTech found him, gave him a hero status and the adventure of his life.

nexus space nexus mission nexus solar system

The game puts some real effort on story telling, so you can get deeply into Nexus. By exploring the space, starting with the solar system, you will uncover different races and communicate with them. The missions objectives are very solid and offer so many possibilities that you will have to re think your strategies everytime something goes out of the plan. Nexus The Jupiter Incident also offers ship customization, real-time strategy and of course, intense battles!

nexus flying ship stiletto nexus ship crew management nexus mission status accomplished

The graphics are AMAZING, breath-taking, and when you found out the game was actually release in 2004 you get even more amazed. The debris, light effects, ships models, texture, it all works perfectly. The enemy AI is challenging and the game can easily give you a 3-digit gameplay timeline. Along with the singleplayer campaign you can also select prebuilt scenarios to test your pillot skills against different threats.

While I give this masterpiece a 5 out of 5, let’s wait for the sequel!

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