Review: Qasir al-Wasat A Night In-Between

Review: Qasir al-Wasat A Night In-Between
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From Curitiba, in the state of Paraná, Brazil, a new game studio attempts to make its mark in the gaming industry. Aduge Studios came up with Qasir al-Wasat A Night in-Between, a great stealth game that is full of puzzles and riddles, and is going to take you into the world of the Arabian nights.

Based in the 12th century Syria, the adventure takes place on an ominous night inside a greedy sorcerer’s palace, in-between worlds! Let your imagination flow throughout other dimensions. And wander into another world where you are among the deadly jinn. Taking a closely look in the game, we will try to decipher what this beautiful world have in store for us to uncover.

Stealth, patience, attention, and subtlety, these are the most essential skills you are going to need in Qasir al-Wasat A Night in-Between! After being summoned by an evil sorcerer, you prepare yourself for the task at hand: retrieve three powerful weapons and assassinate their owners. Bound to your new master by a very specific spell, your jinn can’t just flee; not can you do your master any harm. Facing the terrible truth you can’t yet return to your realm, your deadly jinn readies its poisoned claws for their purpose. Since your body isn’t guarded from physical harm in this unknown realm, a single hit from a sword and your jinn is done for. But the enchantment spell cast on you is so powerful it will even bring you back to life, so your job can be completed, and your summoner’s request fulfilled.
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After your first steps in the palace you will notice the first and the most amazing ability of the jinn. The ability to be invisible, cloaked per say, just like the Predator (I know, he is awesome)! This will surely give you the upper hand when walking through the whole place, undetected, solving puzzles, riddles and scavenging for clues. Or, you can just go savage and recklessly, ripping apart every human you face, blood washing over their flesh as they fall lifeless to the damned palace’s floor! Of course the second option is quite amusing – and you actually can do it, but to survive the palace perils, you will need to avoid detection at all times, take every step with extreme caution and plan your assassinations. Notice I’ve wrote assassination, not just kills! The jinn have other two very interesting means of survival…


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As the jinn can’t afford a single sword hit, you will be using the stealthy walk ability, along with the previously mentioned poisonous claw attack. Sounds deadly, doesn’t it? Well, that’s because it really is. First of all, you walk silently while holding the “S” key. The guards can’t hear your footsteps that way, nor can they see you – thanks to the jinn being cloaked all the time. Then, for the killing blow, attack (“A” key) while holding the “S” key to unleash the poisonous claw attack. The victim’s death will be a total mystery for the people around you, since no blood will be spilled. For example, if you attack normally (without sneaking) or if the jinn just ran out of poison, your target will rain blood on the floor and on your cloaked body, meaning you will be no longer invisible. The blood stains will expose your presence and if any guard sees you, they will go rampaging and swinging their sword like there is no tomorrow!


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The gameplay is simple, enjoyable and very friendly, since there are only 2 buttons to press besides the movement arrows. The graphics were beautifully drawn, almost as if done by hand, and the game AI is quite amusing. You will often find yourself considering if you should just kill everybody or focus on the stealth plan. By sneaking through the palace rooms you will find valuable information, poison drops for your claws and will overhear the guard’s conversations. Any information the jinn gathers brings you closer to the targets, along with other kinds of knowledge such as secret rooms, or even your summoner’s reasons for his actions and his obscure past! But you are not only facing death by the guards’ swords, as the palace also holds its own lethal traps. So think before acting is my best advice. Every encounter brings you closer to solve the mystery behind Qasir al-Wasat A Night in-Between. Every puzzle you solve, every life you put an end, and every step you take… They lead to the darkest of all nights!

Read more about this masterpiece at Aduge Studios official site. As for my rating, I couldn’t find a reason not to give this amazing title a “5 out of 5!”

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